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Bowline Knot

The Bowline Knot. This is a popular and versatile climbing knot. This knot can be tied with one hand, making it a versatile knot to know how to tie. The bowline is commonly used to tie into a climbing harness. It is easy to tie and untie even after weight has been put on it.

The bowline knot is made by creating a loop in the rope a couple feet from the end, then passing the end over the edge of the loop and back through the hole. The bowline can be tied with one hand. This feature makes it a valuable knot for climbers.

A good way to remember the bowline sequence is this simple phrase: "The rabbit comes out of his hole, around a tree, and back into his hole.

Sequence to Tie a Bowline Knot:

Bowline Knot-11. Start by making a loop as shown.
Bowline Knot-22. Pass the end of the rope through the loop-over then under.
Bowline Knot-33. Pass the end around then back through the loop original loop. Tighten the knot evenly by hand and secure the end using a stopper knot.
Carrick Bend

Knots for Climbers, 3rd (How To Climb Series)

This is an illustrated book providing sequences and examples for tying climbing knots. It covers all the common knots plus many other knots. The presentation uses clear color photos making it easy to understand and learn. Some of the knots are the Munter hitch, auto block, clove hitch, and figure eight. See them in use in the field along with how they are used with climbing equipment.
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