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Discount Camping Tents

Top of the line camping tents are discounted in order to more effectively manage warehouse inventory. The seasonal nature of camping items make it necessary to move certain items at different times during the season to make warehouse space for the equipment needed for the upcoming season. Therefore, brand name camping tents are discounted and must be sold at drastically reduced price. See the discount camping tents listed for a significant savings.

These discounts cause the camping tents sell quickly, so if an item is temporarily out of stock, just bookmark and return in a few days. The retailer saves money through efficiency in warehouse management and passes the savings on to you--as much as 40%--you get cost savings and great value.

Discounts on camping tents--large variety and tent accessories, save 20% to 40%

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Discount Camping Tent

LED Tent Light

Price: $15.95 !!
Buy at
MSR LED Tent Lights is a convenient way to add light in your tent. The magnets attach to tent fabric and slide anywhere on the panel.

Aluminum Tent Peg (10 Pack)

Retail Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $16.96
Buy at
The Terra Nova Aluminum Tent Peg are suitable for all tents. Durable, strong, lightweight and custom made for Terra Nova.

Aluminum U-Peg Tent Stake (6pcs/pack)

Retail Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.56
Buy at
The Aluminum U-Peg is a sturdy u-shaped peg will holds the rope firmly. The AceCamp Aluminum U-Peg lightweight aluminum.

Snow + Sand Tent Anchor (Set of 5)

Retail Price: $25.95
Sale Price: $20.76
Buy at
The Exped Snow + Sand Tent Anchor can be filled with sand, gravel, or snow and makes a secure anchor in awkward terrain. Made with tough and durable taffeta nylon.
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