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Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Evolv Climbing Shoes

Evolv climbing shoes are high end technical footwear. They can be stylized to your preference to enhance your footwork and overall performance. Pick colors for the shoe, tongue, strap fasteners and logos. Significantly, you can choose the rand design used in the heel and toe, and you can specify the midsole and stiffness. Evolv designs and tests their shoes with world-class climbers. This innovative design cycle produces an Evolv climbing shoe product line with the features climbers feel are important. Evolv makes shoes for every type of climber ... beginner, intermediate, to the world's best. Evolv has employed design innovations like ultra-sticky TRAX rubber, "Vegan" shoes (no animal products), and micro fiber linings. Innovations in rock footwear like this have defined the company and is bringing ever increasing popularity and loyalty to their brand and products.

Venga Kid's Climbing Shoe

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The Venga unisex kids shoe sports a modern look and comfortable fit and a size adjusting heel strap for growing kids.

Evolv climbing shoes Venga lime/purple yellow/black

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Climbing shoe: Category: leisure shoe Type bands: children Applications: Beginners children’s climbing Climbing shoe material: Outer material: Synthratek (Synthetic) Sole: TRAX Sole strength: 4.2 mm Midsole: half-length sensitive 1 mm MX-P Lining: nylon Climbing shoe equipment: Bands: asymmetrical...

evolv Geshido Rock Shoes - Men's - 2013 Closeout

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The evolv Geshido rock climbing shoes are all-around high performers for sport climbing, trad and bouldering. They offer great edging ability, and the thin profile lets you jam your feet in cracks.

evolv Men's Cruzer Approach Shoe

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The Urban Climber Magazine Editor's Choice Award winning Cruzers are minimalist performance casual shoes that live happily in the gray area between rock shoes and approach shoes. With a pair of Cruzers equipped with high friction TRAX rubber, you can scramble up granite slabs, or clip them on your...

Evolv Men's Royale Climbing Shoe

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The Royale is a popular entry level leather shoe that is comfortable, stiff and durable. As a leather shoe with partial lining, it breaks in nicely with slight stretch.

Evolv Bandit Climbing Shoe

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From dime-sized edges to splitter cracks to high-angle jug hauls, the Evolv Bandit Climbing Shoe can do it all. The Bandit features a full-length speed lace that gives you a precise fit with a single pull. Webbed side panels help reduce excessive stretch and provide added lateral support.

Evolv Talon G2 Climbing Shoe

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For the edge you need to send that problem, lace up the Evolv Talon G2. When you'''re white-knuckling a sliver of crimper, the highly adhesive TRAX XT-5 high friction rubber adheres to the rock while the aggressive toe and edge profile allows you to tiny-toe even the smallest nubs of foothold....

Evolv Women's Elektra Climbing Shoes (2014)

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Redesigned for 2014 in two colorways, the Elektra® is the top selling women's shoe in the USA. It offers an amazing combination of comfort, performance and value. This shoe is ideal for beginning to advanced climbers and performs in both the gym and on the rock.

Evolv Women's Elektra VTR Climbing Shoe

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Evolv's top selling women's shoe just got better. The Elektra VTR has all the same great features as the original Elektra plus more. A low volume toe box, arch, and heel provides optimum performance without forfeiting any comfort.

evolv Men's Defy Lace Climbing Shoes

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The Defy® Lace offers the comfort, fit, and versatility of the Defy® with a more adjustable and powerful lace-up fit. A great shoe for moving up in the grades and full days on the rock

Evolv Royale Climbing Shoe

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Whether you're cranking your first lead or looking for an all-day shoe for multi-pitch routes, the Evolv Royale Climbing Shoe gives you a super-comfortable fit without breaking the bank. The unlined leather upper stretches slightly over time to mold to your foot, and the double toe rand withstands...

evolv Elektra Rock Shoes - Women's

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Spend the whole day climbing at the crag or bouldering with friends in the comfortable women's evolv Elektra Rock Shoes. They provide comfort, sensitivity and a great fit for climbers of all levels.

Royale Climbing Shoe

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The Evolv Royale is a fantastic shoe to introduce an aspiring climber to any discipline of the sport. Super stiff for all day climbing support and rounded toe box with a leather lining for comfort.

Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe - Men's

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A slipper built for all climbers and for all terrain; the local gyms, Joshua Tree slabs and Indian Creek cracks. The Addict's asymmetrical shape and low toe profile accommodates all abilities. Beginner to intermediate climbers will fit these with a more relaxed toe curl. Advanced climbers may down...

evolv Addict Rock Shoes

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A slipper built for all climbers and all terrain, the evolv Addict Rock Shoes perform well on the holds of your local rock gym, on the slabs of Joshua Tree or in the cracks of Indian Creek.

Evolv Luchador SC Climbing Shoe - Men's

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the Evolv Luchador SC climbing shoe was inspired by the inner-wrestler in all of us and his dance with the rock. The slightly cambered last with semi-asymmetrical toe profile allows great control on small edges and small cracks. The new non-shifting tongue system and strap closure system offers an outstanding...

Luchador SC Climbing Shoe

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New to the technical all-around category is a strap closure shoe from Evolv called the Luchador SC. Inspired by the inner wrestler in all of us who battle the medium of rock; it is built off a slightly cambered last with a semi-asymmetrical toe profile that allows for great control on small edges as...

Luchador Climbing Shoe

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New to the technical all-around category is a lace shoe from Evolv called the Luchador. It is built off a slightly cambered last with a semi-asymmetrical toe-profile that allows for great control on small edges and the lace closure gives a customized fit. Its new non-shifting tongue system also offers...

evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe

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The ultimate performance climbing shoe developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma ideal for hard sport climbing and bouldering on steep terrain. The Shaman incorporates several key design elements that work synergistically to perform at the highest level: The big toe "knuckle box" and "love...

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

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Evolv's mad scientists melted down lightning bolts, kryptonite, pure attitude, and locks of Chris Sharma's hair to create the mold for the Shaman Climbing Shoe. At a top secret unveiling, several people were carried away on stretchers after fainting at the sight of the Shaman's revolutionary...

evolv Shaman Rock Shoes

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Developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma, the evolv Shaman rock shoes incorporate an aggressive downturned shape and high-quality materials to meet your needs on steep routes.

Evolv Defy VTR Climbing Shoe with FREE Climbing DVD ($30 Value)

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The Defy VTR Climbing Shoes is Evolv's best selling model and appeals to new and advanced climbers alike as a comfortable, great-fitting shoe that performs exceptionally well. Evolv is dedicated to creating cutting-edge performance climbing shoes and high-traction footwear of the highest quality....
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