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Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Emergency First Aid Kits:

Adventure Medical Kits Travel Medic First-Aid Kit

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Treat minor injuries and ease discomforts associated with travel with the Adventure Medical Travel Medic first-aid kit.

Adventure First Aid Kit 1.0

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The Adventure First Aid 1.0 contains a multitude of supplies to treat cuts & scrapes, sprains, headaches, muscle aches, allergic reactions and larger wounds. Easy Care First Aid System organizes items by injury with Easy Care cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid.

Adventure Medical Travel Medic First Aid Kit

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Whether you'''re headed to a developing third-world country or out on a casual day hike, the Adventure Medical Kits Travel Medic First Aid Kit should be in your bag. With an array of bandages, medications, and treatments, this travel-sized kit covers the basic when medical care isn'''t...

SAM Rolled Splint 36", Orange/Blue

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Acclaimed by emergency care providers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide (and even beyond the Earth, on NASA space shuttles), the SAM SPLINT is based on an ancient construction principle: curves are strong. The SAM SPLINT is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell...

Adventure Medical Adventure 1.0 First Aid Kit

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The Adventure Medical Kits Adventure 1. 0 First Aid Kit contains everything you need to treat most minor injuries on the spot, including cuts, scrapes, sprains, headaches, and bites. Adventure Medical organized the kit'''s supplies by injury and included Easy Care First Aid cards that...

Trek II First Aid Kit

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Contains: Instant Guide to First Aid, 1 cohesive gauze 1"x 10 yds., 6 gauze pads 3"x 3", 4 butterfly closures, 6 fabric bandages 1"x 3", 2 knuckle fabric bandage, 2 povidone-iodine pads, 6 antiseptic towelettes, 1 needle, 1 moleskin 2"x 3", 5 mini-strips, 1 combine...

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight / Watertight .5 First-Aid Kit

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Carry this compact Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight / Watertight .5 first-aid kit on 1- to 2-day solo trips

Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell First Aid Kit

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This compact first aid kit comes packaged in a sturdy hard shell foam case for easy storage and portability. Kit contains basic first aid supplies. Each kit contains 85 pieces of first aid, contents include; Hard Shell foam carry case, carabiner, first aid guide, scissors, tweezers, 2 vinyl gloves, 14...

Coleman Sportsman Waterproof First Aid Kit 100-Piece, White

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Campers, hikers, hunters, bikers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts can rest easier with six first aid kit options available under the Coleman brand - the most trusted name in outdoor equipment. Each kit contains components that are most used and useful when you or your family needs medical attention...

Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit (205-Piece), Red

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The Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit is the ultimate first aid kit for large groups or long treks. This 205 piece kit features components most often needed in the field. All items are housed in a durable, semi-hard case. The unique EZ Find System keeps the items organized and allows room for customization...

Adventure Medical Adventure 2.0 First Aid Kit

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For trips of any kind, carry the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure 2. 0 First Aid Kit to ensure that you're ready for anything, anywhere. This family-sized kit contains a multitude of supplies to treat scrapes, sprains, headaches, mild allergic reactions, and larger wounds. Even if you're not...

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight / Watertight .7 First-Aid Kit

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Pared down to a weight-saving bare minimum, this Adventure Medical Ultralight / Watertight .7 first-aid kit contains the most essential supplies.

Convenient First Aid Kit - Ultra Light, Small Long-lasting Case - Ideal for the Car, Kitchen, School, Camping, Hiking, Travel, Office, Sports, Hunting and Home - Over 70 pieces - Best Choice for Trauma, Survival & Emergency First Aid Kit, Disaster Preparedness Medical Supplies - FDA Approved - Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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Are you fully prepared for an unexpected, real-world emergency "Discover How This Ultra-Light But Tough First-Aid Kit Can Give You And Your Family The Ultimate Peace Of Mind!" Emergencies are unpredictable, and the only thing left to do is to prepare ourselves in case they show up. "Main...

Weekender First Aid Kit

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Built with weekend adventurers in mind, this kit includes a variety of medical essentials in an affordable, organized package. Perfect for small groups going on short adventures.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Weekender First-Aid Kit

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Built with weekend adventurers in mind, this Adventure Medical kit packs a variety of medical essentials in an affordable, organized package.

Fundamentals First Aid Kit

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The popularity of the Adventure Medical Fundamental Kit stems from its powerful component package, lightweight, organized design, and affordable price. This kit has everything that a backcountry guide, outfitter or trip leader would want in a medical kit for a short outing. Upgrades from the Weekender...

Adventure Medical Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit

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Adventure Medical developed the Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit at the request of the Yosemite Mountain School to provide pro-level equipment at a low weight. This water-tight medical kit adds only 1lb 12oz to your pack and provides enough first-aid gear to handle an emergency evacuation from the remote...
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