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Sterling Evolution Duetto Dry AT Rope - 8.4mm

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The next step in climbing rope technology, the Sterling Evolution Duetto Dry AT Rope boasts all the right credentials to help you up your alpine project. With a slim 8. 4mm profile but just the right amount of stiffness, the Evolution Duetto slides through 'biners like butter and all but eliminates...

Tent Stakes

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These V-shaped 7075 aluminum tent stakes by Mountainsmith are perfect for replacements or additional guy out points. The user friendly, universal design allows them to be paired with just about any tent or shelter product on the market.

Figure 9 Tent Line Kit

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If you've ever struggled to tighten the guy lines while pitching a tent, the Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent Line Kit eliminates the frustration of tying and untying knots, fiddling with ineffective plastic sliders, or relocating tent stakes. The Figure 9 Tent Line Kit does the job quickly, securely, and...

REI Passage 1 Tent

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This classic, freestanding tent offers a simple setup with an X-pole design and low weight for a solo backpacker in 3 seasons.

Petzl Paso Dry Climbing Rope - 7.7mm

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Petzl focused on keeping its Paso Dry Climbing Rope as light as possible to keep the weight off whether you're climbing ice, mixed, or mountaineering. Its 7. 7-millimeter diameter makes this an excellent rope for very technical climbs across glaciers, through thin crevices, and up steep precipices....

Petzl Tango Standard Climbing Rope - 8.5mm

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The combination of its skinny diameter and ultralight weight makes the Petzl Standard Climbing Rope perfect for multipitching whether you want to use it as a half or twin rope. Its UltraSonic finish bonds the sheathe to the core in order to eliminate frayed ends and enhance its overall durability, and...

Petzl Salsa Dry Climbing Rope - 8.2mm

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Petzl designed its Salsa Dry Climbing Rope to survive in any condition so you can climb with it as a half or twin rope on rock, ice, mixed, or snowy environments. Its 8. 2-milimeter diameter keeps the Salsa strong and skinny with low dynamic and static elongations as well as a high number of falls. Petzl...

Petzl Mambo 10.1mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope

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The Petzl Mambo 10.1mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope has a 10.1mm diameter for greater versatility and ease of use in the gym or at the crag. Its thick sheath improves durability and control.

Petzl Arial 9.5mm x 70m Dry Rope

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With a 9.5mm diameter, the Petzl Arial 9.5mm x 70m Dry Rope is designed for experienced climbers, offering maximum longevity and performance in any conditions, thanks to its Duratec Dry treatment.

LED Tent Light

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MSR LED Tent Lights is a convenient way to add light in your tent. The magnets attach to tent fabric and slide anywhere on the panel.

Aluminum Tent Peg (10 Pack)

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The Terra Nova Aluminum Tent Peg are suitable for all tents. Durable, strong, lightweight and custom made for Terra Nova.

Petzl Bolsa Rope Bag

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The Petzl Bolsa Rope Bag is designed to store your climbing rope along with some gear while allowing you to move quickly and comfortably on your hike in to the crag.
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