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Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Ice Tool and Ice Axe

An ice tool evolved from the ice axe, however it is more specialized for use in ice climbing. It is sometimes referred to as a technical axe to distinguish it from a mountaineering ice axe. For ice climbing,  The climber ascends an ice fall wearing crampons attached to ice climbing boots, with two ice tools, one in each hand. The ice climber keeps his weight balanced over the point where the crampons touch the ice. Each tool is then positioned, one over the other as he ascends the ice. The ice tool penetrates the ice and provides a grip for balance.The weight of an ice tool is important. The heavier tool will penetrate ice an packed snow easier. However, heavier is not necessarily better. The weight of an ice tool must be balanced by the ability of the climber to carry and swing it for hours at a time. Large climbers may choose a larger heavier tool, while a smaller climber may pick an ice tool that is somewhat smaller.

Ice Axe compared to an Ice Tool

An ice axe is used during alpine and mountaineering, or while traveling across ice, glacier or snowfields. An ice axe is often referred to as a mountaineering axe to separate and distinguish it from an ice tool. An ice axe is used to assist with the assent, to grab rock edges, cracks, and ledges. It is an invaluable device for stopping a slide or fall.

Ice Tool Size and Shape

The different types of ice climbing require a different tool design. For waterfall ice climbing the most popular length is 50 centimeters. Larger climbers may be able to use a slightly larger ice tool, around 55 centimeters. Smaller climbers may use a 45 centimeter tool. Waterfall and mixed ice climbing tool should have a modular design. The modular design allows you to change the pick, hammer, and adzes when they wear out. Some tools give you the option to use either a hammer or adze attachment. For alpine climbing, the tool has a straight shaft with a leash attached to the head. The purpose of a straight shaft is to allow the tool to be pounded down into snow as a secondary anchor. Never use an ice tool as the only anchor source.

Sections of an Ice Tool

Bestpriceam Silicone Titanic Shaped Ice Cube Trays Carving Mold Mould Maker for Party Drinks Blue

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Bestpriceam Silicone Titanic Shaped Ice Cube Trays Carving Mold Mould Maker for Party Drinks Blue

Stubai 988131 BC PRO Belay Rappel Device

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The Stubai BC Pro is a lightweight and compact belay/rappel device with grooved V-shaped brake notches. This forged aluminum tuber can be used in two ways - either for high friction on the grooved side or for the fluent running on the opposite, smooth side. The rope feed is optimal in either. The BC...

MSR Snow Picket

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The MSR Snow Picket is the most widely used and trusted piece of snow protection made. Our updated design boots durability and ease-of-placement, providing fast and reliable snow protection when it counts.

Tool Box

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Store your sharp things and protect your ropes, jackets and packs from punctures with the Black Diamond ToolBox. This durable ballistic nylon carrying bag stows your crampons, screws and Spectres, and features an interior zippered pocket for spare picks and files.

Qi Pack's Hydration Pack for Running Biking or Hiking - No More Bulky Water Bottles, Hydrating Backpack 2L 70 oz. BPA Free, Wide Mouth Bladder for Easy Filling and Cleaning, Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The Qi Pack Hydration Pack offers hands-free hydration with a heavy duty kink-free sip tube, cushioned bite valve and a twist-lock to prevent leaks. The efficient design provides total comfort and safety so you can enjoy at least 2 hours or more running, cycling or hiking. The Qi Pack comes with a high...

Grivel X Blade Ice Climbing Tool

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The Grivel X-Blade ice tool is specifically designed with a thin pick to make it very efficient when you're climbing on fragile waterfall ice.

Raptor Ice Tool with Weights

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The Raptor is Trango's top of the line ice and mixed tool. Its grip is one piece molded rubber for comfort, durability and reduced fatigue. The pick penetrates the hardest ice, cleans easily, and comes with removable weights for added versatility. The cold forged shaft is incredibly light yet stiff,...

CAMP USA - Cassin X-Alp Ice Tool

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Get a handle on the Cassin X-Alp Ice Tool for long alpine outings where complex mixed terrain is all but guaranteed. This lightweight tool handles rock and ice with equal tenacity, and Cassin included a bi-directional leash keeps the axe secure on either hand. The interchangeable pick and hammer or adze...

Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool - Adze

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The evolution of the Black Diamond Viper adze ice tool continues with key updates that keep you swinging into ice with ease.

Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool - Hammer

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The evolution of the Black Diamond Viper hammer ice tool continues with key updates that keep you swinging into ice with ease.

Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool

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The Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool delivers cutting-edge performance for ice, mixed, and alpine climbing thanks to an extremely versatile design that works with or without leashes. In addition to a detachable Fang for leashless security, the Viper includes a Strike pommel that screws into one of two shaft...

Black Diamond Fusion Ice Tool

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Black Diamond designed the Fusion Ice Tool to handle the steepest, thinnest, most ridiculously difficult mixed climbs in the world. The revolutionary hydro-formed shaft adds stiffness and lowers weight, while the adjustable grip features three interchangeable spacers for dialing in fit. Black Diamond...

Fusion Ice Tool

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The Fusion is Black Diamond's premier mixed climbing tool and it performs like no other tool ever made. Incredibly lightweight, stiff and versatile, its top-of-the-line technology shines through in real world, game-changing performance.

Petzl Nomic Ice Tool

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Designed for vertical pursuits on rock and ice, the Petzl Nomic ice tool is easily adapted for dry tooling and ice climbing.

Titanium Climbing Handing Bolt Set Rock Climbing Ice Climbing Tool

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Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tool

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The Cobra Ice Tool has been at the cutting edge of ice and alpine climbing for years, but, instead of sitting back on its laurels, Black Diamond decided to upgrade this tool for the next evolution. Keeping the same vibration-dampening carbon fiber material, the Cobra Ice Tool takes on a new custom-molded...

DMM Wallnut Nut Set

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Wallnuts are a long established favorite across the world. This classic wired nut has a carefully designed shape that gives you the best possible chance of getting a good solid placement every time. A set of Wallnuts, themually with double ups in the small to medium sizes, is the basis of a good quality...

Petzl Adjama Men's Climbing Harness (2013)

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The adjustable leg loops of the ADJAMA harness make it an ideal piece of equipment for mountaineering and ice climbing. With its EndoFrame construction, it provides excellent weight distribution around the waist and legs to ensure greater comfort. The DoubleBack Light buckles on the waistbelt and leg...

Chafon New Mini Compact Multifunctional Emergency Shovel Outdoor Camping Folding Survival Shovel Kit-Sappers Shovel-Mercenaries Multi-function Outdoor Entrenching Tools for Hiking & Camping Gardening, Auto Emergency, Military, Self-Defense & More-High-Carbon Steel

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Function and suitable Chafon Outdoor multifunctional shovel has many protective functions, widely used in self-driving travel, outdoor climbing,camping and hiking, travel long distances,On-board self-defense and self-help, and garden tools etc, it is really a necessary partner for Hiking and Camping....

Ice Dubbin

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An attractive material the fish can't resist This synthetic dubs easily on threads and makes a very attractive and flashy thorax for adding a little something extra to your standard pheasant tails and caddis nymphs or for steelhead and salmon nymphs and streamers.
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