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Rock Climbing Guides, Mountaineering Trips

Mountaineering Trips.

When you are unfamiliar to an area you need help from individuals and organizations who can organize and guide your trip. Yes, it's possible to plan a trip yourself but this is not recommended. Certified guide services understand the risks, and know the area and terrain. They understand high altitude issues and remote issues and incorporate measures to protect you into their plan. They take care of the logistics, buy and transport food, and obtain the permits for the area you are going. Guides enhance your experience and can turn your mountaineering vacation trip into the thrill of a lifetime.

Rock Climbing Guides.

There are many mountains that do not take any rock climbing skill to reach the summit. However if you want to truly experience an extreme climbing vacation ask your guide to include rock climbing in the trip. A guide will plan the trip, establish the itinerary, assemble the technical climbing equipment required. The rock climbing guide prepares and assembles supplies for the trip. Mountaineering and rock climbing guides are trained to enhance your trip. They know the area, and have extensively climbed the areas they guide. Many have been distinguished for first ascents in remote ranges and are dedicated to preservation and conservation of remote regional areas.

Selecting a Mountaineering Guide Service.

Research. Get descriptions, pictures, topographical information and all other related information of the area. Rock and mountain climbing guides are readily available in many lists. It's not hard to find a mountaineering guide service for your area. There are also many Rock Climbing Instruction and Mountaineering Schools if you need climbing instruction before your trip. Compare the schools and guides.

Mountain and Rock Climbing Guide Certification. The International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) is the worldwide association for mountaineering and climbing guides. This organization recognizes national guide associations. At the national level, guide associations provide training and certification programs for mountain guides. Currently there are 24 member countries in the IFMGA. Mountaineering guides should have certification for the country or area they are guiding. North America uses the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) accreditation. The AMGA accreditation program has been developed for guiding programs, schools and services. Services providing mountaineering trips in North America should also be a member of the AMGA.

Mountaineering and climbing guides:

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