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Rappelling/Abseiling is accomplished by descending a vertical surface using a rope and device to provide friction to control the descent. Prior to rappelling, a climber must carefully and methodically inspect, take time, set up the rappelling knots, harness, rappelling rope and equipment. Establish protection as a back up before beginning the abseil, like setting up a belay or placing a Prusik knot above the descender on the rappelling rope. For this reason it is very important to get qualified individualized instruction, before rappelling.

Rope Descender

The Rope Descender creates friction on a rappelling rope to slow a climber down as he descends from an anchor. The rope descender is operated by the climberduring the abseil. Descending devices, abseiling and rappelling equipment all work approximately the same. By controlling the tension on the rope as it flows through the equipment, friction is incrementally increased or decreased, thus changing the speed of the abseil.

About Rappelling Gear

Rappelling Gear consists of a rappelling and climbing ropes, locking carabiner, climbing harness, rope descender:

Rappel Safety Backups

There are several critical points that "abseilers" commonly back up. Each situation is different and needs to be evaluated with safety precautions taken based on the conditions. The following should not be considered a check list.

Personal Protective Rappelling Equipment

Safety devices and backups are not always possible. Sometimes the nature of the situation precludes using one or more backups. Whenever possible back up the abseil with independent protection.

Rock Climbing Arborist Rope Protector Sleeve Rappelling Abseiling Equipment
Newdoar Safety Abseiling Belay Rappelling Device for Climbing
Fenta Safety Descender Rock Climbing Rappelling Belay Device Gear Sports Tool
XINDA Professional Rock Climbing Mountaineering Handle-Control Abseiling Device Downhill Descender...
Climbing Harness - Ingenuity Professional Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness,Rappelling Safety...
GM CLIMBING UIAA Certified Large Rescue Pulley Single / Double Sheave with Swing Plate CE / UIAA
Rappelling Rope, 7/16th Inch x 100 Feet
Mountaineering Climbing Durable Safety Abseiling ATC Belay Rappel Device
Utility Rope, Outdoor Climbing Safety Rope Rappelling Rope Fitness Rock Climb Rope abseiling...
Newdoar Peak Rescue Terminal 8 Descender Large Bent-ear, Belaying and Rappelling
22KN Purple Climbing Abseiling Rappelling Fall Protection Rope Grab for 8-13mm Rope
24KN Carabiner Screw Locking Hook for Mountaineering Climbing Rappelling Abseiling
EDELRID - MegaJul Belay Device, Slate
Half Body Harness Seat Belts Bust Belt For Mountaineering Rappelling Rock Climbing Abseiling...
XINDA Professional Rock Climbing Handle Control Abseiling Device Descender Outdoor Rappelling...
Timeiya Skiing Gloves for Waterproof,Cold-proof,Windproof Winter Warm Gloves
ZSDN 35KN Figure 8 Rescue Descender Super Belay Device Rappel Rock Climbing Belay Equipment Gear
Camouflage Half Body Rock Climbing Rappelling Safety Harness Equipment
Climbing Harness and Zipline for Children, Kids' Full Body Harness
Downhill Rock Climbing Long Rappel Rack Friction Adjustable Safety Equipment
Wider Climbing Harness, Kedera Protect Waist Version Waistbelt Wider Safe Seat Belts For Mountaineering...
Timeiya Women Anti-Skid Warm Gloves for Outdoor Cycling,Skiing Windproof Waterproof SBR
KwikSafety: Yoke N-282 Twist Locking Aluminum Carabiner - 3600 LBS Gate Strength, Min Breaking...
Full Body Rock Climbing Rappelling Mounatinnering Safety Harness Seat Belt Black
EDELRID - MicroJul Belay Device, Slate
GM CLIMBING Hauling Pulley with Ascender Cam Process Capture 25kN
Newdoar Climb Aluminum Rescue 8 Descender Rigging Plate Heavy Duty Belay Device
10M High Strengthen Outdoor Safety Mountaineering Climbing Rope Abseiling Rope Red
Full Body Rock Climbing High Work Rappelling Safety Harness Seat Belt Gear
Raomdityat 1PC Single Pulley Fixed For Rock Climbing Aerial Work Rappelling 20KN
Stubai S9000SET61 Belay Plus Safety Rappel Set with Screw Gate
Climbing Harness, Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Fire Rescue Working on the Higher Level...
Timeiya Women's Three Fingers Thick Warm Waterproof Skiing and Cycling Gloves Outdoor HiPORA
Balight Outdoor 10M 10mm Diameter Climbing Safety Rope Rappelling Rope Fitness Rock Climb Rope...
XiuFu Men's Winter Outdoor Casual Windproof Waterproof Hiking Mountain Snow Pants
XiuFu Men's Winter Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Thick Warm Fleece Hiking Mountain Cycling Fishing...
XiuFu Men's Spring Outdoor Breathable Lightweight Quick Dry stretch Windproof Waterproof Pants
Timeiya Women's Skiing Gloves Warm for Outdoor Activities Winter
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