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Building Your Own Climbing Wall (Book)

Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.


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Square Knot and Granny Knot

The square and granny knots are the most popular of all general purpose knots.

- The Square Knot sequence is: Right over left, left over right -- or, left over right, right over left
- The Granny Knot sequence is: Right over left, right over left -- or, left over right, left over right

Do not use the Square Knot or Granny Knot for climbing activities, or for any application requires a secure knot. This is provided to illustrate the difference between the square knot and the granny knot.  These are not a climbing or mountaineering knot.  Get qualified personal instruction before climbing.

How to Tie a Square Knot:

Square Knot and Granny Knot 1. For tying both the square knot and the granny knot, the first step is twist two ropes together. Right over left.
2. Square Knot2. Square Knot -- left over right, under then through.
3. Square Knot3. Square Knot -- When pulled tight, the strands from the same rope come back out of the knot together, in the same direction.

How to Tie a Granny Knot:

Twist two ropes right over left.
2. Granny Knot2. Granny Knot -- right over left, under then through.
3. Granny Knot3. Granny Knot -- When pulled tight, the strands from the same rope come out of the knot on different sides.
Carrick Bend

Knots for Climbers, 3rd (How To Climb Series)

This is an illustrated book providing sequences and examples for tying climbing knots. It covers all the common knots plus many other knots. The presentation uses clear color photos making it easy to understand and learn. Some of the knots are the Munter hitch, auto block, clove hitch, and figure eight. See them in use in the field along with how they are used with climbing equipment.
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