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Bulgaria Climbing Gyms

Gym hall 'Vladislav'

Varnaclimbing Zone
Str. 'Nikola Vapcarov', Gym hall 'Vladislav', behind 'Cherno more' stadium, Varna, Bulgaria
climbing gym height is 15 m., width - 10 m., diversion - 8,5 m;. +150 m2 area - top ropes, leading, 10m traverse, shop, courses.

Mall Paradise

100 Cherni Vrah blvd., Mall Paradise, Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 967 60 23
Boulderland is the place where you can experience the thrill of climbing in a completely new way. Our friendly staff will help you to feel comfortable in this dynamic atmosphere. A high level of energy is spread around due to the active people who chose climbing to be thir favourite sport. The unique surrounding was created by climbers and for climbers. Have fun, meet new friends, and experience the boulder climbing. Innovative design, illuminated elements and smooth shapes-these are just some of the surprises that wait for you. At Boulderland we challenge gravity!


8 dekenvri Str. No2, Sofia, 1407 Bulgaria
1000 sq meters climbing space, more than 100 routes. Climbing gym open from 10h till 22h every day.

NSA Climbing Gym
St. Grad, Sofia, 1000 Bulgaria
NSA Climbing Gym
700 square metre climbing gym with height 14 metres. Work from 10.00-22.00 without the weekends.


Chudnite Skali
Climbing gym in Swimming complex Juri Gagarin, Varna, 9000 Bulgaria
Chudnite Skali
climbing gym 16 m. high, 14 m. width, +200 m2 area - leading, top rope routes, boulder area, kids climbing sport climbing courses. In the middle of the hall there is a small climbing gym for beginners. Climbing hall is open every day between 18:00 to 22:00.

entrance from str. 'Hristo Georgiev'

Sofia University Climbing Gym
Sofia University, entrance from str. 'Hristo Georgiev', Sofia, Bulgaria

Height 8 m, width 12 m, diversion 5 m, area 120 m2. In the middle of the hall there is a small climbing gym for beginners. There are 2 boulderings.

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