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Chalk Bags for Climbing

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There are a wide variety of chalk bag styles and features available. Chalk bags strap around the climber's waist and hang in the middle of the back at about the end of the tailbone. The strap needs to be tight enough that the chalk bag doesn't hang low and dangle, but not too high on the waist either. If chalk bags hang too low it becomes a little difficult to find the bag with your hand. It swings with gravity behind your back. By contrast, wearing chalk bags too high makes it a little harder to get your arm up high enough to get in the bag.

Climbing Chalk Bag Sizes

Chalk bags come in different sizes and the right one for you depends on the type of climbing you do. Options for size, shape, features it makes sense to get the chalk bag that meets your specific style. Some of the chalk bags feature different types of lining, closure, belt, reinforced rim opening and a loop for a small cleaning brush. Chalk bags are inexpensive so it is convenient to get several types and try them out with different types of climbing.

Large Climbing Chalk Bags

A large bag is a good choice for sport climbing. If you chalk up often, climb in the heat and sweat you will use more chalk. With sport climbing the extra size and weight of a large chalk bag are overcome by being finding that opening, chalking up quickly and not running out of chalk midway up a face. Some very large chalk bags, "pots" are designed to sit on the ground. Large community chalk bags are great for bouldering sessions. Climbers chalk up before working a bouldering problem. This is an added advantage while working a short series of difficult moves. Small chalk bags are excellent choices for technical and competition rock climbing. The smaller size bags are usually just big enough for four fingers. Smaller bags provide a small advantage because they are lighter, less obtrusive.

Climbing Chalk Options

There are several types of popular rock climbing chalk. Chalk is simply Magnesium Carbonate, MgCO3. The reason climbers use chalk is to keep their hands dry. Stress makes the palms of your hands sweat. Sweat on hands reduces friction. Using chalk while climbing reduces moisture on the hands and improves friction.

Chalk Block.

The most common type of climbing chalk and least expensive is the chalk block. Many climbers like to crumble the chalk into their bag leaving a few chunks. The chunks are handy for marking a set of holds on a climbing wall. This works well for bouldering. Climbers can mark off several holds quickly creating temporary bouldering route.

Magnesium Carbonate.

This is a non-toxic chalk. The most common negative indoor climbing effect of chalk is clogging the filters of air handlers in climbing facilities. The most common complaint outdoors is the effect on scenery. The chalk ball is cleaner, lasts longer, less messy, does not spill and does a good job of drying sweaty hands and fingers. Many indoor climbing wall facilities limit the use of chalk to chalk balls only.

Loose Powder Climbing Chalk.

Another popular type of climbing chalk is loose powder. Powder chalk is popular for bouldering both indoors and outdoors. A large community chalk bag with powder chalk can be used all day without running out. Powder chalk is easier to refill. Some climbing chalks are available with a drying agent. This enhances the moisture absorbing qualities and provides better friction.

Non-chalk Alternatives for Climbers.

These work like an antiperspirant, keeping your hands from sweating and provide a drying agent to keep your hands dry. These types of alternatives are eco-friendly leave the scenery as you left it.

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