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It's important to get a harness that fits snug, designed especially for their size and shape. A loose harness may shift and rub, causing sores or abrasions. In the worst case, a loose harness may allow a child to slip out during a fall. Children need a harness built for their small waist and hip sizes. If a harness is too tight it will not allow the full freedom of movement needed for climbing. Two types of harnesses commonly used for young climbers:

Waistbelt and Leg Loops. This style is widely used by climbers of all ages. The difference between full-size and child-size, is the construction of the leg loop, buckle and waistbelt. The leg loops are sized smaller and held in place by shorter elastic straps running from the back of the waistbelt to the back of the leg loop. The waistbelt is fastened by a buckle. The buckle is located in front of the belt. This a responsible person to get at the buckle easily. Many waistbelt's have gear loops for hardware. This gives the young climber some training at managing a small amount of gear. The waistbelt style harness is better suited for slightly older children than the full body harness.

Full Body Harness. The full body harness provides a wide range of movement and comfort. The harness holds the child's smaller shoulders and legs snug and remains secure during a fall. However, the chance of turning upsidedown in a full body harness is reduced by the higher tie-in point. The higher tie-in point creates a lower center of gravity causing the waist and feet to naturally swing down. The full body harness is often used by beginning adult climbers as well. It is an excellent choice for getting kids under 10 years old into the sport of climbing.

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