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Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Climbing Harness

Your climbing harness is a key piece of equipment for top rope rock, lead and sport climbing. The right harness for your type of climbing can improve both performance and safety.

Simple maintenance will help prolong the life of your harness

Protect it from the elements. Keep it in a moderate temperature. When finished climbing, clean and inspect it. Cleaning with water should be sufficient. If you need to get out difficult stains or dirt and tiny rock grains, use a mild soap. Rinse the harness thoroughly to get the soap completely out of the nylon fibers. Let your harness dry in open air shaded from the sun before packing it back into its storage bag.

Extend usable service of the harness

check for frayingInspect your Climbing Harness. Look for signs of wear. Pay special attention to the stitching and tie-in points. When you see visible signs of wear, fading, scratches which tear the weave, or after it has held an extreme fall it's time to get a new one. After your harness has dried, inspect it for signs of wear and tear and fraying at all the seams. Signs of wear will show up better when the harness is clean and dry. Fraying will stand up as shown in the picture. Look carefully at the stitching and seams. Tug gently on the seams and anchor points to make sure they are secure and don't feel loose.

Storage for the harness. Put it someplace protected from sunlight, moisture or humidity, and in moderate temperatures. Exposure to these elements will cause the nylon and seams to degrade. Do not store it in the same closet or shed with paint, thinners, chlorine, bleach, acid or any oxidizing material. Vapors from these chemicals will also degrade the strength of your harness. Before climbing, check again for fraying or loose seams.

Factors to consider when choosing a climbing harness:

Guide Harness

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Price, comfort, durability and versatility have made the ABC Guide Harness a true mountaineering classic. Great for any kind of group or institutional use. Multiple colors to choose from for team use.

Mammut Mirage Climbing Harness (X-Large / Blue)

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An all-around climbing harness, the Mammut Mirage Climbing Harness offers the optimum blend of comfort, weight and user-friendliness. A Hypalon skeleton edge tape adds increased support to the padded waist and leg loop with 3-D mesh lining that wicks moisture to reduce chafing. For added performance...

Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness - Men's

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The Momentum AL gives climbers of any discipline the same comfort, ventilation and durability that Black Diamond harnesses are known for, at a price fit for dirtbags and new climbers alike. We outfitted the Momentum AL with a traditional waistbelt buckle and our trakFIT leg loop adjustment system, which...

Black Diamond Wiz Kid Climbing Harness

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A decked-out kids' harness built for up-and-coming rock monkeys, the Black Diamond Wiz Kid packs all the features of our adult harnesses in a smaller size. Just like its Momentum and Primrose harnesses, the Wiz Kid features Black Diamond's Dual Core Construction, which uses two slim bands of...

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness - Men's

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For all-around climbers who know that time spent fiddling with leg loops and adjusting a pinching waistbelt is time wasted, the Black Diamond Momentum delivers a time-saving design for all styles of climbing. A pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle saves time and eliminates error when tying in,...

Black Diamond Women's Primrose Climbing Harness

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For all-around female climbers who know that time spent fiddling with leg loops and adjusting a pinching waistbelt is time wasted, the Black Diamond Primrose delivers a time-saving design for all styles of climbing. A pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle saves time and eliminates error when tying...

Boost Harness

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Uncluttered and slimline, the Wild Country Boost is built for movement, indoors or out, and is a sport climber's dream. Constructed using "Load Spread Technology' webbing it is light enough for redpoints, yet supportive enough for dogging and short, sharp falls. A Ziplock waist cinches...

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness - One Size Fits All

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With a one-size-fits-all, simple design, the Vario Speed is a great choice for guide schools, rock gyms and outdoor programs.

Black Diamond Women's Primrose Speed Adjust Harness

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Climbing belt: Type: waist strap Applications: Sport climbing via ferrata climbing crag Material: Harness straps: nylon Clasp: SpeedAdjust buckle Harness padding: EVA foam insert Equipment: Number of fabric straps: 4 Padding: Hip belt & padded leg loops Adjustable leg strap: adjustable leg loops with...

Spire Wmen's Harness

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perfectly designed for the female climber, featuring Wild Country's tried and tested four buckle system to deliver refined adjustment every time. Built around lightweight 'Load Spread Technology' webbing it is extremely comfortable, fits beautifully and with Ziplock buckles throughout...

Mammut Ophir 3-Slide Harness Crag Bag Kit

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The Mammut Ophir 3-Slide Harness comes with the Crag Bag Kit to start your climbing adventures off right. This kit includes the Crag Light Belay Device, the Crag HMS Locking Carabiner, and the Basic Chalk Bag. The Ophir 3 features Split Webbing technology that separates the webbing to ride over and under...

Black Diamond Women's Primrose SA 2011 Climbing Harness Package

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Featuring everything you need to get started climbing in the gym or out at the crags, the Primrose SA Package is a complete, convenient start-up kit for new female climbers. The Black Diamond Primrose SA features its Dual Core Construction to provide an expert balance of comfort, ventilation and durability....

Arc'teryx Aristo Pant - Men's

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The Arc'teryx Men's Aristo Pants bring aggressive articulation and adventure-ready fabric to streetwear style. They have a laid-back look that will help you rock a school day or even a day at the office. But don't let the casual look fool you; these hardy trousers can handle an afternoon...

AR-385a Harness - Women's

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The AR-385a Harness from Arc'teryx ia an all-round women's adjustable leg, lightweight climbing harness with maximum versatility.

Trango Kids' Junior Harness

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FEATURES of the Junior Climbing Harness by Trango Full body climbing harness designed to support the body of yound kids Padded leg loops Two gear loops Fully adjustable Safe for kids weighing anywhere from 25 to 80 pounds Safe and comfortable SPECIFICATIONS: Sizes: OFSAK 25 - 80 lbs CE Approved Weight:...
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