Select a wall (home) - Return to the main screen, select another route to climb.

Objective: Get to the top (the two red holds). Improve your skill, try harder climbs. Learn to set your own routes and send them in for others to try. All the routes are user submitted.

A little more info: You can watch a video demonstration to get a little more info.

Click to watch short "how to" video

Select Difficulty Level: Orange walls are easy. Green walls are a moderate level of difficulty, and blue walls are difficult. Walls are user submitted and each routesetter sets the difficulty level based on his/her judgement.

Select a Wall: Swipe finger or drag mouse to spin the wall carousel.

Move Arms and Legs: Click a hold to move an arm or leg. If the hold is "out of reach" you will get a "bad move"   :(

To Shift Body Position: Swipe. Swipe works on desktop AND touch screens. On touch screens, swipe with the finger as usual, left, right, up or down. If using a desktop computer with a mouse, swipe using the mouse. Drag the mouse left, right, up, or down. On a desktop, optionally you can use arrow keys to shift.

- OR -

Arrow Keys Will Also Shift Body Position If you have a keyboard with arrow keys you can use them to shift the climber's body position left, right, up or down. Some may find this easier than swiping with a mouse. If you have a touch screen, swiping is probably easier. Either way, you have the option to choose which method works best for you.

Bad Moves: Bad moves are tallied in the upper left corner. Your climber will fall on the 10th bad move. A bad move happens if you try to reach for a hold that is too far away, or if you try to shift body position that would cause a limb to cross to the other side of the body, or be out of reach.

No Crossing. The left hand or foot may not cross to the right side of the body, or visa-versa. For example, if you attempt to shift left while the climber's left hand is in the center it will result in a bad move. This is because shifting left while the climber's left hand is in the center would cause the left hand to cross to the right side.

Finish: Each climb must finish with two hands at the top two red holds (one hand on each hold).