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Building Your Own Climbing Wall (Book)

Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Estonia Climbing Gyms


Kristiine Sports Gym
Forelli 12, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 6 563 067
Kristiine Sports Gym
> Indoor rock climbing training.

Lasnamäe kergejõustikuhall
Punane 45, Tallinn, 13619 Estonia
6 350 180
Lasnamäe kergejõustikuhall
> An easy wall, about 12m high, not very wide, but inexpensive and overall it's a nice facility. Training times are listed on the website. Meeldiva ja ohutu ronimise tagab.

Tartu mnt. 80 E, Tallinn, 10112 Estonia
> Dedicated to climbing - Opened in October 2014 - Over 400 m2 of climbing wall - Mainly bouldering but has a half a dozen anchors for short rope climbs


Climbing Gym
Ringtee, Tartu, Estonia
75, 7 315 500
> Located at the supermarket. Can be used for a small fee. Usually available on M,W and F from 18.00-20.00.

Ujula 4

MTÜ Tartu Ülikooli Akadeemiline (Tartu University Sports Gym)
Spordiklubi, Ujula 4, Tartu, 51013 Estonia
+47 48060963
MTÜ Tartu Ülikooli Akadeemiline
> 8 m by 6,5 m climbing gym made entirely with fiber glass panels. The total climbable surface is approximately 80 m2. The climbing gym is designed for relatively experienced climbers and consequently it is quite steep with a significant overhanging section in the middle of the face.

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