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Climbing Gear Manufacturers

ABK Climbing

Attractive & Atypical. The brand that does not make you stronger but makes you look more beautiful. Born in Grenoble, France by boulders to boulders.

AIX about bouldering

Manufactures climbing holds, training aids, campus boards, climbing walls. Extensive product listing.


Bags, climbing clothes, manufacturers climbing gear such as harnesses, travel Backpacks.

ASANA Climbing

Operated by climbers dedicated to manufacturing the best indoor and outdoor climbing gear available.

Atomik Climbing Holds

Manufacturer of holds, children's holds, alphabet holds, a variety of sizes and types.

Bee Hive Climbing

Indoor rock hold climbing gear manufacturer creating translucent and black light intensive holds. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Tel: 902-445-5834

Black Diamond

Carabiners, Belay Device, Chalk Bags, rappel devices, men's and women's harnesses, runners, landing pads, Ropes, Child Harness, Black Diamond Gear.

Black Swan Holds

Manufacturer of climbing holds of all sizes, and sells the required hardware for installation.

Bleaustone Series Holds

Currently consists of over 450 new hold shapes and styles


Anchor systems, t-nuts and bolts, climbing clothes, engineering consulting and climbing wall manufacturing.

Blocz Climbing Equipment

Blocz Climbing Equipment, (europe) and (North America) climbing holds, climbing walls, and services.

BlueWater Ropes

Manufacturer of custom rope and sewn products for nearly forty years. They have an extensive range of climbing products with a wide variety of materials and colors.

Brewer's Ledge

Manufacturer and distributor of the Treadwall, plus a full line of fixed, rotating, and portable climbing walls plus panel components to complex custom walls and hydraulically operated portable units.


Climbing Harnesses, draws, Travel packs, Cams, Helmets, biners, ice axes.

Climbing Technology

Equipment for climbing and mountaineering.

Climbing Wall Solutions

A leading UK manufacturer for school traversing walls.

Climb X Gear

Leading Producer of Climbing Shoes, Hardware, Chalk Bags and Pads.

Contat Freres

Screw Machining, carabiners, jacks and custom equipment design.

Core Climbing

Climbing hold manufacturer committed to taking hold design to the next level.

Crater Holds

Bolt on, screw on, hybrid holds and hardware.

Custom Holds

Custom made holds manufacturer with one clear aim; to create great quality holds at great prices.

Didak's Climbing Holds

Holds shaped by Didak's and made of the highest quality materials.


Manufacturer of holds, large variety and sizes, shapes.

Eldorado Climbing Walls

Manufacturer of custom and modular climbing walls since 1994. Blue sky design and turnkey solutions for any size project.


Climbing walls, freeform, plywood, free standing boulders, towers, artificial ice climbing systems.

ERGO Holds

Manufacturers "ergonomic" holds.

ETCH Holds

Holds shaped by expert climbers and made of the highest quality materials, sold at the lowest possible prices.

Extreme Engineering

Quality mobile and stationary climbing walls, auto-belay systems, and jumper systems.


Water Shoes, Resole Kits, technical shoes, Trail Running Shoes, Hiking Shoes, Children's Shoes, Shoe Accessory Items

Fixe Holds

Anchors, Wall hardware, 'biners and slings, snow & ice, Indoor walls, harnesses, accessories, ropes, installation advices


Climbing clothes, mats, accessories, chalk

Franklin Handholds

Manufacturers over 1,000 polyurethane shapes that are strong and and light weight.

Freedom Climber

Provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling; requires no electricity and extends out from the wall only eight inches.


A computerized indoor climbing wall with lighted holds connected to a route database. For both bouldering and top-roped climbing.

Grivel Ice

Ice picks, Ice axe, Ice Hammer, Crampons, Antiballing Plates, Ice Tools


Full line of holds sets.

Holdz-on Inc.

Holdz-on is a manufacturer of quality, challenging, and interesting climbing holds for climbing walls. Climbing holds are available in 6 colors and provide a wide variety.

La Sportiva

Boots, La Sportiva Boot, technical rock and shoes.

Mammut Climbing

Climbing clothing, ropes, ice tools, probes, harnesses, technical shoes.

Metolius Climbing

Belay harnesses, holds, women's gear, carry bags, runners, training boards.

Mock Rock Climbing Holds

Innovative designs direct from the manufacturer.


Climbing gear manufacturer of climbing walls, holds and more.

Ninth Life

Crimps, Dinks, Forms, Chunks, Slopes, Jugs

Omega Pacific

Climbing, rescue and safety gear.

On Top Klettern

Climbing wall manufacturer


Climbing wall manufacturer

Outdoor Escape

Custom designed climbing walls, staff development, guiding services, skate parks and spots, and even playgrounds.

Patagonia Clothes

Patagonia Clothing, Tech apparel, camping wear, sportswear climb, hike, travel and survival.


Real rock holds, granite and sandstone.

Petzl Climbing

Climbing gear manufacturer of belaying, harnesses, helmets, locking carabiners, non-locking carabiners, runners, ice climbing gear, screws, crampons.

PMI Ropes

Ropes, helmet, harnesses, gloves, accessories.

prAna Clothing

Sustainable clothing for yoga, rock climbing, travel and outdoor adventure. Born from the experience.

Pyramide Climbing

Engineering and construction of climbing walls, rental walls.

Red Chili

Full line of climbing shoes.

Rock Candy Holds

Climbing Gear manufacturer of holds

Rock On

Manufactures climbing apparel for men and women, plus chalk bags and hats.


Manufacturer of climbing walls, portable climbing walls and holds, mats, and auto belays.

Samsara climbing holds

Manufacturer and retailer of popular climbing holds distributed all over the World.


Climbing Shoes, hiking, outdoor footware


Ice axes, crampons, mountain poles, ice screws, helmet, karabiners, via ferrata, figure of 8, ropes & slings, mini karabiners


Ropes, harness, carabineers, belay-descent, slings, bags, gear bags, chalk


sales and installation of climbing walls in Mexico and Latin America

Spectrum Sports Int'l

Manufacturer and distributor of interactive family rides including portable and stationary climbing walls

Sport Rock Intl

Constructs replica of natural rock formations with the real look and feel of stone. Free standing, wall mounted, boulders.

So iLL Holds

Indoor rock hold climbing gear manufacturer creating the environmentally friendly holds, scented grips, and black light intensive holds


Construction and engineering consulting for artificial climbing wall systems.

Sterling Rope

Full line of Climbing Ropes.


Holds, training boards, accessories, climbing walls


Manufacturer of climbing gear, harnesses, rappell, safety devices, protection, webbing, carabiners, quick draws

Vertigo Climbing Holds

Climbing wall manufacturer and engineering consultant.


Huge line of holds, pads and chalk and accessories for climbing.


Producer of climbing walls for gyms, schools, shopping centers, outdoor parks.
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