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Greece Climbing Gyms

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Rockway Climbing Gym
Proveleggiou 4 P.Irakleio, Athens, Attiki 15142 Greece
Rockway Climbing Gym
Bouldering Gym constructed by Walltopia ltd. Campus board, rings, fingerboard installation.

K. Patisia

Redpoint Athens Climbing Center
Sofianopoulou 3, K. Patisia, Athens, Attica 11145 Greece
0030 2102011344
Redpoint Athens Climbing Center
Climbing center in the heart of Athens!


Oaka Indoor Climb
Marousi-Athens, Greece

Indoor climbing wall at the Olympic Stadium.


The Wall
12 snt Athanasios Street, Palini-Athens, Greece
+30 210 6030093
The Wall
Climbing, bouldering, yoga, bungee trampoline


PXP Climbing Gym
Chalkis 4 & Marinou Antypa, Pylaia, Thessaloniki 55134 Greece
+30 2310 251113
PXP Climbing Gym
Has climbing, bouldering, yoga, pilates, adventure park, 5x5 soccer, basketball, tennis, bungee trampoline, archery, laser gun.

leoforos horas-galanadou

Naxos Gym
Marsula Anevlavi, leoforos horas-galanadou, loukaki area, Naxos, 84300 Greece
+30 2285 026187
Naxos Gym Bouldering Walls
Gym with Pilate's, yoga, cross-fit, and indoor bouldering (with 3 walls).

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