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Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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Macedonia Climbing Gyms


USO 'Gorgi Naumov'
Bitola, Macedonia
070 806 703
USO 'Gorgi Naumov'
> 10 meters high, 5m wide climbing gym and 20 m2 boulder room


Sport Hall 'Mladost'
Negotino, Macedonia
+38975 615 931
Sport Hall 'Mladost'
> 8 meters high climbing gym.


Sports Center, Radovis, Macedonia
> Indoor bouldering with 100 m2 of climbing surface.


Mechanical Faculty
Settlement Karpos 1, Skopje, Macedonia
+389 70 206 350
Mechanical Faculty
> 15 meters high, 9 meters wide climbing gym and perfect conditions for climbing during the year.


OU 'Toso Arsov'
Borko Talev bb, Stip, 2000 Macedonia
> 9 meters high climbing gym.


Sport Hall Nikola Karev
Strumica, Macedonia
+38970 781 685
Sport Hall Nikola Karev
> 10 meters high climbing gym.

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