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Norway Climbing Gyms


Birkelund Fjellhall
Gamle Songeveien 65, Arendal, 4842 Norway
Birkelund Fjellhall
> 14m high, 25 routes, extreme overhanging in some parts and vertical in others.


Vilhelm Bjerknesvei, Bergen, Norway
+47 55 27 12 09
> High quality climbing gym. Vertical to steep. 25 lead routes from 6a-8b. Bouldering and campus climbing areas.

Helleveien 30, Bergen, 5045 Norway
+47 55 95 66 70
> Wall, 15 metres; hydrolic wall that can be tilted; Bouldering cave.


Bodø, Norway
> Two reasonable good indoor climbing gyms in the city of Bodo; Morkvedhallen and Nordlandshallen, both are 8 m high and frequently used by students at the Universitye of Bodo.

Slaktehallen Buldrorado
Bodøsjøen, Bodø, 8000 Norway
Slaktehallen Buldrorado
> Bouldering room, 250 sq meters of fantastic bouldering room, walls for all kinds of boulders; campus and lounge; short distance from central bodø, drop-in hours are possible.


Nils Tjøstheim
Bråtet 177, Bønes, 5152 Norway


Gjøvik Fjellhall
Heimdalsgate 2, Gjøvik, N-2821 Norway
(+47) 61 13 82 00
Gjøvik Fjellhall
> Walltopia. finished 02/2008. The most complete indoor climbing center between Oslo and Trondheim. Two walls, one is 15m with level from:6a+ to 8a. and one is level from 4+ to 7+. The two walls have a total of 21 routes. Also there is one bouldering.

Inngang D10

Sandakerveien 24C, Inngang D10, Oslo, 0473 Norway
22 04 06 80
> More than 2500m2 of climbing surface, of which 20% are dedicated to bouldering. There is also a climbing shop at Klatreverket with Norways biggest selection in topos. Klatreverket er Nordens desidert største klatresenter. Vi ligger ved Akerselva på Torshov i Oslo og har åpent hver bidige dag hele året! Klatreverket har klatring og buldring på absolutt alle nivåer, og tilbyr et stort utvalg av klatrekurs både inne og ute.


South Wall
Lokkebakken 8, Kragero, 3770 Norway
South Wall
> 12m wall + small boulder room.


Tyrili Klatring
Sliperiveien 2, Lillehammer, 2609 Norway
47 47 47 40 03
Tyrili Klatring
> Very good wall. Extensive bouldering, mainly steep, high quality problems on the whole - although limited problems for beginnners. Also an easy top-roped wall, used for teaching basic belaying skills. Shop and cafe, hire available


Idrettssenteret HEI
Lodve Langes gate 2, Narvik, 8505 Norway
76 96 20 00
Idrettssenteret HEI
> 13 m high indoor climbing gym with boulder room and a complete training gym!


Vulkan Klatresenter
Maridalsveien 17, Oslo, 0175 Norway
+47 22112890
Vulkan Klatresenter
> Senteret har tre ulike vegger, med 26 toppankere, med 2-3 ruter per linje. Her finner du klatring på alle nivåer; fra lettere ruter på vertikal vegg, til tunge og overhengende ruter. Senteret har tre ulike vegger, med til sammen 26 toppankere, med 2 til 3 klatreruter per linje.

Postboks 164

Idrettssenteret A/S, Postboks 164, Sogndal, 6851 Norway
0047 57 62 90 00
> 700 square meters of steep climbing gym with a 16 meter overhang.


Gekko Klatring
Vestengveien 40, Sarpsborg, 1725 Norway
> Tauveggene er 10,5 meter høye og bygges i en blanding av kryssfiner og 3D-paneler fra Citywall. Totalt ca.300 m2. Buldringen er ca.4m fra tjukkas og bygges i artikulert kryssfiner. Total ca.150m2


Klatrefabrikken Stavanger
Breiflåtv, Stavanger, Norway
15 +004751586019
Klatrefabrikken Stavanger
> Unique climb walls for complete training. than 1,000 sqm. climbing, open 7 days a week year-round, 22 top rope and 21 lead routes.

SiS Sportscenter
Studentsamskipnaden I Stavanger, Stavanger, 4036 Norway
SiS Sportscenter
> Built in 2005, 14 meters high climbing gym with fixed top ropes on most of the routes. Equipment and ropes can be rented in the gym.


Gekko Klatring
Reina 8, Trondheim, 7042 Norway
73 50 30 16
> climbing gym is not too high, but nice routes and a boulder area.

Trondheim Klatresenter AS
Thonning Owesens gt. 37, Trondheim, Norway
Trondheim Klatresenter AS
> The biggest bouldering center in Norway. Bouldering walls are 5m high. New problems ever so often. The center also has a rope wall of 8m height. We offer a range of climbing courses from beginners to advanced trad and rescue courses. Mountain guides can also be hired.

Ormen langes vei 15, Trondheim, Norge
> The biggest climbing gym in Trondheim with over 60 top anchors over three floors, and some bouldering.


Postboks 365, Ulsteinvik, 6065 Norway
47 913 34 548
> Siloen er 10m høg og har eit golvareal på 4 x 5 meter. All plass er utnytta, og det er omlag 180 kvadratmeter klatreflate i hallen. Her er i alt 15-20 ruter frå grad 3 til 8+.

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