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Building Your Own Climbing Wall (Book)

Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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British Columbia Rock Gyms
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British Columbia Portable Climbing Walls


BC Event Makers
20260 28th Avenue, Langley, British Columbia V2Z 2B9 Canada
BC Event Makers
> 24' portable rock climbing walls for rent for community, school, corporate and private events. You will find kids and adults lined up at every event these walls are at. Each wall is equipped for three climbers at a time.

Maple Ridge

The Rock Wall Portable Climbing Wall
11455 201A St, Maple Ridge, British Columbia V2X 0Y3 Canada
(604) 460-0808
The Rock Wall Portable Climbing Wall
> The portable wall is 24' tall and can have three people climbing at a time. The portable climbing wall is a free-form and textured wall so it feels real. Great for ages 3 to adult and all climbing abilities.


The Edge
#2-1485 Welch Street North, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
(604) 984-9080
The Edge
> Portable climbing walls for rent. Height is 24 feet x 10 feet wide. It has three routes. The staff provided vary from two to five depending on the venue.

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