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The Quickdraw

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The quickdraw is ideal for sport and indoor rock climbing. Quickdraws reduce rope drag when a rope is pulled through a series of carabiners which are not necessarily aligned.

What Does a Quickdraw Do

The quickdraw allows the rope to pull to the center and allow a less resistive path from the belay point to the climber. The quickdraw is made of two non-locking carabineers connected with a sewn webbing. One of the carabineers is a non-locking bent gate carabineer and the other is a non-locking straight-gate carabineer. The carabineers are attached with a sling. The sling can vary in length from about 5 cm to 25 cm or 4-1/2 to 10 inches. The webbing is made from a strong material and usually it is sewn on to the carabineer. It can also be tied using a runner or sling. Either of the carabineers may be snap gate or wire gate type.

Quickdraw Description and Components

The Quickdraw has one straight gate carabineer and one bent gate carabineer. The bent gate carabineer should always be the one clipped to the rope. For leading and top roping at an indoor climbing wall usually a quickdraw is already attached to each of the protection points on the route. The lower carabineer, (the one with the bent gate) should be clipped so the gate is pointing away from the rope and pointing away from the climbing wall or rock face. Doing this will help prevent the quickdraw from twisting the gate into the wall. The rope should run freely through the spine of each carabineer, not along the gate. The spine is the strongest part of the carabineer.

Z-Clipping A Quickdraw

Z-clipping happens when the climber grabs the rope under the last clipped quickdraw. In other words, on the rope going to the belayer. Then attempts to clip the next protection using that rope. This usually happens when protection is close together. See diagram.

Example of a Z-Clipped Quickdraw

Z Clip Example

Example of a Z Clipped Quickdraw. This occurs when the climber incorrectly grabs the rope going to the belayer instead of the rope going to his harness, then pulls it up to the next quickdraw. This type of clipping could cause the gate to twist against the rope and open; and causes excessive rope drag, not to mention a red face.

Correct Clip Example

Example of correct clipping. The climber should grab the rope going from the quickdraw to his harness, then pull it up to the next quickdraw. The rope stays free and has the lease amount of rope drag.

FreeWire Quickdraw

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Perfect for the sport climber on a budget, the Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw gives full wiregate performance without emptying your wallet. Two wiregate Quicksilver biners and a durable 18 mm nylon dogbone make for a light, all-purpose quickdraw that's at home everywhere from sport routes to alpine...

Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

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Our most affordable quickdraw, the FreeWire Quickdraw offers performance at a value. Quicksilver wiregates on top and bottom. Dual wiregates minimize any chance of gate flutter. Equipped with a 12 cm nylon dogbone.

Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw

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When Black Diamond designed the Positron Quickdraw, they aimed for value and utility. We'd say they hit the mark. Thanks to dual Positron carabiners, climbers can enjoy full keylock convenience and not have to worry about snagging a rope while clipping. A Straitjacket insert maintains bottom carabiner...

Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw

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With two Positron carabiners and a lightweight 14 mm Dynex dogbone, the Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw is our top value in full keylock functionality. The light, smooth-clipping design eliminates snags whether you're cranking on sport routes or extending gear placements, and the integrated Straitjacket...

Black Diamond HoodWire Quickdraw

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There's nothing worse than fumbling with a tricky clip during the crux move of your sport project. Eliminate the post-fall frustrations and sloppy clipping with the Black Diamond HoodWire Quickdraw. Black Diamond's patented stainless steel wire hood keeps the 'biner from snagging on slings...

Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw

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Black Diamond designed the versatile HotWire Quickdraw to meet all your clipping needs. By combining a HotWire carabiner and Nitron straight-gate 'biner, Black Diamond achieved a lightweight and smooth-clipping combo. With the HotWire's large rope-bearing surface and the snag-free keylock design...

C.A.M.P. USA Photon Mix Exprss KS Quickdraw

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The Photon Straight Gate is the world's lightest keylocking 'biner and features a large gate opening for fast clipping and easy cleaning on overhanging and wandering routes.

Bravo Long Quickdraw

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Metolius Long Draws are perfect for those long, wandering sport routes or if you have to pull a few roofs with awkward bolts. They have combined the top-selling Bravo carabiner with a classic 11 mm Monster sling for bomber durability and yet light weight.

Black Diamond Positron Quickdraw Set

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The Black Diamond Positron quickdraw set offers lots of performance features at an excellent value.

Black Diamond Nitron Quickdraw

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At under 100 grams, the Black Diamond Nitron Quickdraw to be your go-to, lightweight draw for tackling your next sport project. Its keylock construction makes for snag-free clipping, and the bent-gate design means that each clip is smooth and secure.

Oz Quickdraw

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As Black Diamonds lightest quickdraw in their line, the Oz Quickdraw doesn't sacrifice performance or functionality. Featuring hot-forged Oz carabiners on the top and bottom, as well as a lightweight 12 cm Dynex dogbone, this draw is ready to go on any climb where a light rack is needed.

Black Diamond HoodWire Quickdraw Set

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Weighing in at only 82g and featuring 2 snag-free 'biners, the Black Diamond HoodWire quickdraw set won't slow you down on challenging sport climbs.

Helium Clean Wire Quickdraw

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Wild Country's Helium Clean Wire Quickdraw comes in three lengths, is on superlight 10mm Dyneema, and at a remarkable 73 grams / 2.57oz for the 10cm is the most advanced and lightest full size draw in the world. This makes it perfect for on-sighting on bolts or when you're on a big trad route...

Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraw Set

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Climb without hesitation with the Petzl Ange Finesse quickdraws. They're light, strong and easy to clip to help you cruise up sport climbs.

Kong Express Frog Quickdraw Carabiner (12-cm)

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All Kong carabiners are CE and UIAA certified. Colors may vary.

Imperial Blades IBQDL-1 QuickDraw Lead refill, 2-Pack Style: Graphite Refil, Model: IBQDL-1

Buy at
QuickDraw precision tape measure lead refill is a special .09MM 4D graphite lead replacement for the QuickDraw tape measure. This special lead allows for a thick dark line because it is a softer lead. 2-PK

Black Diamond Positron Quickpack (6 Pack)

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The Black Diamond Positron Quickpack gives you six of BD's light, versatile Positron quickdraws that are ideal for any climbing application. Whether you're clipping bolts at the crag or extending placements in the alpine, these quickdraws provide full keylock functionality for hassle-free clipping...

Ariat Men's Quickdraw Western Boot

Buy at
The Quickdraw Ariat boot features a premium full grain leather foot under an 11" leather shaft with patterns reminiscent of exotic skin. Leather lining. Double stitched Goodyear welt. Spur ledge. Updated square toe profile. A square toe adds contemporary good looks to comfort intense Quickdraw ATS...

Mad Rock Concorde Express Quickdraw Set - 6-Pack

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High-end climbing gearing is rarely priced with high-end dirt bag climbers in mind. But that's no longer the case thanks to the Mad Rock Concorde Express Quickdraw 6-Pack. The aluminum wire gate 'biners and Dyneema dog bones allow these smooth clipping draws to weigh in at a featherlight three...

Camp USA Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraw 5-Pack

Buy at
FEATURES of the Camp USA Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraw 5-Pack Equipped with a straight gate Orbit Wire for the bolt end and a bent gate for the rope end 16 mm polyester dogbones available in 11 and 18 cm lengths SPECIFICATIONS of the Camp USA Orbit Wire Express KS Quickdraw 5-Pack Major Axis: 22 kN...

Petzl Spirit Express Quickdraw

Buy at
FEATURES of the Petzl Spirit Express 12cm Quickdraw Spirit Carabiners H-shaped profile offers an improved strength/ weight ratio Wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner Spirit straight gate (upper part): facilitates clipping and unclipping, thanks to the Keylock...

Black Diamond PosiWire Quickpack - 2015 Model

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When you need plenty of quickdraws that performs in a clinch, you need the Black Diamond Posiwire Quickpack. Featuring a set of 6 quickdraws with a snag-free Positron carabiner on top combined with a lightweight HotWire carabiner on bottom that's easy to clip, the Posiwire Quickpack gives you plenty...
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