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To take care of your new rope, one of the best things to do is get a rope bag. will greatly extend the useful time of your rope. There are many different options and features to suite the different forms of rock climbing found in mountaineering. Sport climbing, technical, competition, big wall all expose your rope to different elements during the approach, and climbing out. During the haul in, using a good bag will protect your rope.

Rope Bag protection

The quality and strength of a rope degrades over time. The amount of useful time you get out of it depends on how well you protect it from the elements. Ultraviolet (UV) light and dirt act to weaken it with prolonged exposure. For example, if you're actually on the rocks for a total cumulative time of 2 hours out of a 6 hour session, there is only the need to have the rope out of the bag for a small percentage of the time. Dust particles and rays can't work their way into the fibers as easily if the rope is enclosed. While a trash bag is better than nothing at all, rope bags have features climbers need to make hauling, hiking, storing the rope much easier. Many of them have tarps that unfold and lay on the ground for uncoiling and tying in. The bag itself may have pockets and gear clips and can serve as haul bag for long hikes into the site. Back straps provide easy carrying to the next site.

Convenience from a Rope Bag

Rope bags make it unnecessary to coil the rope. Lay the rope on the tarp and tie the ends to the rope bag's loops. Loops allow the ends to fasten to the bag to prevent the rope from getting knotted with itself. Just untie one of the ends and pull. The rope comes out of the bag freely and without knots.

What to look for in a rope bag

Rope Bag Features

Rope bags have features that make it easier and more enjoyable to haul your climbing gear in to the crag.

  1. External Pockets: Give you a place to keep your wallet and keys while hiking in or on the approach to a crag. Many offer zipper enclosures to keep them from falling out; some are internal to the bag.
  2. Padded Straps: Let you carry the rope with less strain on shoulder.
  3. Compression straps cinch the rope into a compact volume.
  4. Zip, string or Velcro bag enclosures help quickly close the rope bag and make it ready for hauling.
KAVU Rope Bag
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Black Diamond SuperSlacker Rope Bag
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Rothco Black Stealth Rappelling Bag
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Petzl KAB Rope Bag - Blue
Metolius Dirt Bag II
Abc Box Rope Bag (Black)
Petzl Rope Bag
EDELRID - Anniversary DuoTec 9.7mm Dynamic Climbing Rope with Caddy Lite Rope Bag, Lime
BlueWater Ropes UltraFast Rope Bag
Mammut Ophir Rope Bag
CMI Classic Rope Bag
LINE2design Round Rope Bag Empty Water Resistant Holds 50′ of 8 mm Rescue Rope
Etopsell XINDA Climbing Rope,10M 25KN Nylon Auxiliary Rope with 2 Locks & 1 Storage Bag & 1...
Portable Winch Rope Bag - Handles, 164ft. x 1/2in. Rope Capacity, Model# PCA-1255
Professionals Choice Bag Rope Compartment Adjustable Strap Rodeo RB
Arcteryx Haku Rope Bag
Weaver Leather Bull Rope Deployment Bag, Blue
NRS NFPA Rope Rescue Throw Bag
Petzl Pro Bucket Rope Bag
Weaver Leather Deluxe Rope Bag, Red
Singing Rock Rope Bag + Tarp Black New
KAVU Sidewinder Bag
Innovative Scuba Trow Rope And Bag For Boating, Scuba Diving, Kayak, Canoe, Water Sports -...
Weaver Leather All Purpose Gear Bag, Blue
CMI Classic Rope Bag Medium Black
Ryaco [Canvas] R906 Waist Pack, Outdoor Sports Waist Bag, Bum bag, Sport Running belt, Exercise...
A.M. Leonard Weaver Throw Line Nylon Storage Bag - Blue
EDELRID - Element Rope Bag, Oasis/Snow
A.M. Leonard Basic Arborist 14 x 12 Inch Rope Bag
Black Diamond SuperSlacker Rope Bag, One Size, Blue
Ryaco [Big Pocket] R907 Waist Pack, Outdoor Sports Waist Bag, Bum bag, Running belt, Exercise...
Vigor 12 Rungs Durable Agility Ladder and Speed Training Ladder with Fasten Stakes and Carry Bag
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