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Building Your Own Climbing Wall (Book)

Excellent book packed with info, tricks, highly illustrated--will save you time/money.

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South Australia Portable Climbing Walls
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South Australia Climbing Gyms


10 Ware Street, Adelaide, Thebarton, South Australia 5031 Australia
> Great place for bouldering, friendly guys and girls, great place to hang.

Venture Corporate Recharge
Woodhouse - spring Gully Rd Piccadilly, Adelaide, South Australia Australia
08 8165 2033
Venture Corporate Recharge
> 15 metres adventure tower. Located in the Adelaide Hills and is available for group bookings only.

Holden Hill

Vertical Reality Climbing
12/560 North East Road, Holden Hill, Adelaide, South Australia 5088 Australia
(08) 8266 4090
Vertical Reality Climbing
> 800 sq m of indoor rock climbing gyms with grades 3 to 29 with steep 16 m overhanging lead wall and bouldering cave at angles from vertical to 45 degrees, showers, lockers.

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