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Hsin Tien Liu Gong

North Freeway Wall
on BinLang Road near Zhongsing Road; (Located under the freeway overpass), Hsin Tien Liu Gong, Taiwan

8 m in height climbing gym.

Park Outdoor Tower
Hsin Tien Liu Gong, Hsin Tien Liu Gong, Taiwan

8 m in height, padded rubber, bring your own rope, climbing gym is free of charge


National TsingHua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Outdoor climbing gym


No.130; Guang-Fu St., Hualean, Taiwan

Huaxia Rd.

Climbing & Life Inn
No.157, Huaxia Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
+886 911 013 596
Climbing & Life Inn
Climbing Bistro: We are an established store specialized in climbing. Our first floor features an open climbing area and second floor has a viewing area and concession. On the second floor we have a balcony viewing area. From there you can see down to the first floor below. From there, in full view is the climbing wall where you can watch those experiencing, practicing and enjoying the sport. Come here to enjoy the environment, forget about your busy life, and relax. We are not your normal climbing facility! Come see for yourself! Currently, Here is our business hours: Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri.: PM15-23 Wed., Sat.: PM13-23 Sun.: PM13-20 Worry not! We have air conditioning! We are located nearest to “Skyline outdoor climbing area” 10-20 mins by scooter.

Jhubei City

iClimb Rock Climbing Gym
No. 98; Chenggong 2nd St., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu, Taiwan
iClimb Rock Climbing Gym
The largest indoor climbing gym in Taiwan and has 16 meter indoor climbing gyms, over 780 square meters of artificial rock climbing surface, over 180 square meters of dedicated bouldering, and a full Pro-Shop.

New Taipei City

STONE bouldering gym
No.58-12; Sanhe Rd; Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, 242 Taiwan
STONE bouldering gym
Bouldering is free climbing in the space of 4 to 6 meters height. STONE bouldering gym is the biggest bouldering gym in Taiwan, we provide: - Continuous climbing face (which is unique in Taiwan) - Hundreds of well-set problems with different levels of difficulty - Safe and comfortable climbing area - Clean and wide resting area - Professional coaches in store everyday - Climbing shoes for renting - Free wifi STONE bouldering gym is the best choice for beginning and advanced climbers. With the protection of the pad and teaching of our coaches, you can climb freely and safely on the wall. Enjoy in the excitement of jumping down when finishing, and the self- fulfillment of clearing the problem you couldn't before. To complete a problem, you need not only strength, but also well body coordination, just like finding the solution of a puzzle. You can climb alone, you can also climb with your friends. Everyone can find some fun in the STONE bouldering gym. See website for business hours.


B-Plus Bouldering Gym
No. 982-1; Sec. 2; Huanzhong Rd., Taichung, Xitun Dist. 407 Taiwan
B-Plus Bouldering Gym
Provides professional indoor climbing routes, spacious and comfortable leisure space and rock climbing advice.

Taipei City

Red Rock Bouldering Training Center
B1F. No.261 Sec. 4 Chengde Rd. Shilin Dist., Taipei City, 111 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Red Rock Bouldering Training Center
The largest indoor bouldering gym in Taiwan. Near MRT and ShinLing Nightmarket. We have almost 200 routes for beginning and advanced climbers, professional coaches in store everyday, climbing shoes for renting, free wifi, and air condition.


Taipei Neihu sports Center Climbing Gym
12 st.chow-ze neihu, Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Neihu sports Center Climbing Gym
The largest outdoor climbing gym in Taiwan.

Taipei Rock Climbing Gym
30 Lanchow Street, Taipei, Taiwan
02 2553 0373
130 m2, 3m height climbing gym.

Y17 Climbing Gym
17 Ren Ai Road Section One, Taipei, Taiwan
+886-2-339-339-44, +886-2-23432388#8902,8903

Weishin Road- Yanpu Shiang

Tajen Spider-man Artificial Wall
20, Weishin Road- Yanpu Shiang, Pingtung, Ping Tong, Taiwan
Tajen Spider-man Artificial Wall
Height-12 m, width-10 m. Adjustable Art-wall.

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