Indoor Climbing

World-wide Gym List Find a gym listed by country, about 3,000 indoor climbing gyms listed.

Climbing Technique Learn training techniques with articles to help you climb and compete at a higher level.

Build a Climbing Wall at home and train whenever you want. Great ideas and tips to build a rocking home climbing wall.

Climbing Gear for the tools you need to succeed.

Indoor Climbing is an amazing sport

Indoor Climbing Overview With indoor climbing you will get both aerobic and anaerobic exercise engaging and working all muscle groups simultaneously, while using and improving balance and coordination. You will burn 500 to 700 calories per hour and work both strength and endurance simultaneously.

As an exercise, you really can’t do better than climbing. Indoor climbing will improve all aspects of your physical condition. You will see improvement in your balance, flexibility, and agility and develop both upper and lower body strength. Best of all, you will burn calories at a higher rate than most strenuous workouts and will do it before you know it.

Climbing gyms give you an enjoyable venue for social interaction with like-minded people. It's a place for trust building, camaraderie, and self confidence.

This is a fun sport for everyone, from novice, sport, competitive, to professional climbers it's an amazing activity or even lifestyle.


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Build a Climbing Wall

How to Build a Climbing Wall Planning to Build a Climbing Wall Home Climbing Wall Design Constructing a Climbing Wall Framework Plywood vs OSB for Climbing Walls Cutting Irregular Shapes Structural Connectors for Climbing Walls Rise-Run Online Calculator How to Install T-Nuts Climbing Wall Texturing How to Make Climbing Holds Build a Campus Board

Wall Accessories

Climbing Holds Crash Pads Chalk Bags Bouldering Shoes Bouldering Brush Training Boards Climbing Tape T-Nuts Bolts for Holds Route Setter Wrenches

Climbing Gear

Belay Devices Belay Glasses Belay Gloves Carabiners Climbing Harness Climbing Helmets Climbing Ropes Locking Carabiner Rappelling-Abseiling Rope Bags Quickdraw

Bouldering Gear

Climbing Holds Crash Pads Chalk Bags Bouldering Shoes Bouldering Brush Training Boards Climbing Tape T-Nuts Bolts for Holds Route Setter Wrenches

Climbing Shoes

Rock Climbing Shoes Evolv Climbing Shoes La Sportiva Climbing Shoes Mad Rock Climbing Shoes Scarpa Climbing Shoes Five-Ten Climbing Shoes

Kids' Climbing Gear

Child Climbing Harness Child Helmet Kids Climbing Shoes


Climbing Knots Figure 8 Knot Stopper Knot Slip Knot Bowline Knot Monkeys Fist Square Knot Water Knot Carrick Bend Overhand Knot Fisherman's Knot Prusik Knot

Climbing Competition

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