Rock Climbing Schools, Mountain Climbing Instruction

Rock Climbing Schools. Curriculums for learning to rock climb are not the normal "sit at the desk" type of class. If you've never done it before it's a blast! Climbing instructors work with your abilities and help you develop skills and techniques needed to get on the rock...even if you have never climbed before. Proficient sport climbers can benefit from mountain climbing instruction. The skill sets for rec climbing is different from mountaineering. A refresher from a climbing school is good insurance before tackling a major rock climbing wall.

Mountain Climbing Instruction. Technical mountaineering schools include aspect about survival, high altitude, hypothermia, hypoxia so you can not only survive but conquer the summit. This is the difference between mountaineering and rock climbing schools.

Location of Climbing and Mountaineering Schools. Typically, both rock and mountain climbing instruction takes place at a designated training area, either owned or accessed with permission by the school.

Basic mountaineering and rock climbing classes may include the following:

Advanced rock climbing instruction may provide these topics:

Mountain Climbing Vacations. Remote mountain, back country and climbing vacations have become very popular in the last 20 years. Most mountain climbing schools offer packages to make it easy and fun to get out in the wilderness. There are many mountaineering and rock climbing instruction and vacation packages to make your climbing vacation be the experience of a lifetime.

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