Lebanon Climbing Gyms

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U Rock - REBOUND Center
Pierre Amine Gemayel Street, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 3 807 854
U Rock - REBOUND Center
Offers top rope climbing, lead, climbing competitions, training courses, summer camps, birthday parties, team building, and much more.

floor 2 Sidon

GO UP climbing club
Le Mall, floor 2 Sidon, Lebanon
+961 3 258 867
GO UP climbing club
Offers a unique indoor climbing experience. Our club contains walls featuring a wide range of climbs, from beginner to advance, and for all ages. GoUp Climbing Club is only the hub to learn about the sport of climbing, but also it’s the ultimate space to practice your Climbing skills, reboot your energy, meet new people, share experiences, reduce stress, and more importantly: have fun! Our professional staff members are more than happy to take you on a journey through the climbing cycle: learn, practice, and enjoy. We offer a wide variety of climbing routes and indoor mountains for all levels besides. We also provide advanced courses and private lessons by experts in the field. We strive to make climbing your favorite activity, and GoUp climbing club, your favorite destination to practice that.

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