Prusik Knot

The Prusik is tied in a loop with a double stopper knot on each end and has a shrink wrapped sheath over the knot. The cords are 47.5 inches and 28 inches in length.

The Prusik is a handy knot to know how to tie and use in emergency situations and rescue operations. The Prusik knot is also useful to back up a rappel or belay. To ascend using a Prusik knot, two loops are used simultaneously.

The long cord is used as a foot as a stirrup, and the shorter cord is tied into the harness. As a back up to a belay or rappel, one Prusik is tied or clipped directly into the harness.

Sequence to Tie the Prusik Knot

Prusik Knot - 1

Step 1.

Begin the Prusik knot by connecting the ends of a smaller diameter cord using the Fishermans knot. Put the looped cord behind the loop it is being tied to. Adjust the cord so the knot does not go to the end.
Prusik Knot - 2

Step 2.

Pass the end with the knot through the loop three times. At this point you can add more winds or turns around the climbing rope to create more friction as necessary.
Prusik Knot - 3

Step 3.

Pass the end with the knot under the opposite side's loop. Do not let the winds overlap. Tighten the knot evenly.
Prusik Knot - 4

Step 4.

Tighten and work the cord until it is cinched tight as shown. This is the completed Prusik knot.
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