Tie a Slip Knot

The Slip Knot. For climbing applications the slip knot is used to tie gear to an anchor or tie off point. This is a convenient knot to use for temporarily securing a rack or a few items. It can be tied with one hand making it convenient to use while climbing.

Using the slip knot is a convenient way to temporarily secure items while transitioning from belay to anchor, however, do not use the slip knot to secure an anchor or belay. Make sure you attach items correctly so the knot does not pull out.

The slip knot will pull through (untie) when pulled by one end of the rope. It may be useful to secure the short end with a stopper knot-depending on your situation and how you are using the knot. The slip knot will tighten around an object when pulled from the "short end"; if not attached to an object it will pull through (untie).

Sequence to Tie a Slip Knot

Slip Knot-1

Step 1.

Start by folding a loop under to make two loops. By beginning the knot this way you can choose which side of the slip knot will slip to tighten or untie.
Slip Knot-2

Step 2.

If you want the left side to slip, pass the left loop through the right loop; if you want the right side to slip, pass the right side through the left loop. As shown, the left rope is the slipping side.
Slip Knot

Step 3.

Step 3. Tighten the slip knot by hand around the loop so it tightens evenly. Make sure you understand how to use the knot for climbing applications.
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