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NSA Climbing Gym
St. Grad, Sofia, 1000 Bulgaria
NSA Climbing Gym
700 square metre climbing gym with height 14 metres. Work from 10.00-22.00 without the weekends.

Sofia University Climbing Gym
Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
0894 535 463; 0883 352 731
Sofia University Climbing Gym
Height 8 m, width 12 m, diversion 5 m, area 120 m2. In the middle of the hall there is a small climbing gym for beginners. There are 2 boulderings.

Walltopia Climbing & Fitness
111V Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd, Sofia, 1784, Bulgaria
+359 888 038 835
Walltopia Climbing & Fitness
1731 кв.м. катерачна площ. най-голямата зала за катерене в България. Фокусът е поставен върху катерене на високи стени – 1455 кв.м.
1731 sq.m. Climbing area. The largest climbing hall in Bulgaria. The focus is on climbing high walls - 1455 sq. M.

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