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Capital Gymnasium
General Purpose Center; 54 Baishiqia, Beijing, Haidian District China
6833-5552 x8389 (Ding Xianghua)

Jihe climbing gym
Xin’ao Shopping Mall; Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Jihe climbing gym is a professional training gym, there are boulder wall and big wall, including top rope and lead climbing. The area is 150m2, focus on climbing skill training and coaching, fitting for kids and adults. Easy to go to the gym by subway, take subway line 8 or 15, Olympic park station. Exit D, you will see the entrance of Xin’ao shopping mall, go inside and turn to the right, it is.

Rejoice climbing gym of Peking University
Northeast of the Weiming Lake, Beijing, China
15 meters high and 5 meters wide climbing gym.

Shou Ti (the Capital Gym of Beijing)
No 54; Baishiqiao Road, Beijing, China
(10)-6833-5552 ext. 8389
10 meters high and 14 meters wide climbing gym. Has two routes with roofs and bulges for serious climbers and four vertical routes for beginners.

Xidan Culture Square (Underground)
B3; Xidan Culture Square, Beijing, Xicheng District China
(10)- 6606-3273
10m high climbing gym with 4 climbing routes.


攀岩梦工厂 / Dream Factory Rock Climbing
China 3, Beilin, Jianxi St, 3号CN 陕西省 西安市 邮政编码: 710055

Lead + speed + bouldering walls. Small but efficient. The community is very sweat, don't hesitate to ask for climbing outdoor. Address: China, CN 陕西省 西安市 碑林区 建西街 3 3号煤航印制楼品格世杰幼儿园隔壁 邮政编码: 710055 Google address code: 6XW6+QJ District de Beilin, Xi'an, Shaanxi, Chine Coordinates: 34.24701263208333, 108.96154813728666


Hangzhou Climbism 攀岩主义杭州馆
49 Jiaogong Rd; Wen San Lu Dian Zi Xin Xi Jie Qu; Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Located inside the university, to the right, just behind the badmintgton area. Costs: 90yuan per entry plus 5yuan if you need shoes or harness. You can buy a monthly pass for 500yuan. The gym has routes and bouldering, more than 400m2 to climb, some boulders are colour coded but most of them are not. It has three auto belay systems and a couple of routes available to lead climb, you need to rent ropes and harness and a belayer or bring your own.

Hong Kong

3/F; 89 Larch Street; Tai Kok Tsui; Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Only 10 minutes walk from Olympic or Prince Edward MTR station. $45 HKD per entry.

GoNature Climbing Gym
Unit C2; Wing Hing Industrial Building;14 Hing Yip St; Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, China
+852 3563 7156
GoNature Climbing Gym
Provides plenty of climbing terrain for climbers of any experience level, Over 100 climbing routes and bouldering problems Managed by Asian qualified route-setter ,6,500 square metres with resident coach, shower facilities and lockers Beginner bouldering course available for new comers,Advanced courses and workshops for climbers of different experience levels, children courses and parent- child courses are available

GoNaure Climbing gym
14 Hing Yip St.; Kwun Tong; Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
+852 3563 7156
GoNaure Climbing gym
The Largest indoor climbing gym in Hong Kong. Managed by Asian qualified route-setter. There are both climbing and bouldering routes with a great range of climbs which are good enough for kiddies, kids and adults!

6/F 238 Chai Wan Road; Chai Wan, Hong Kong, China
JC2, develops into the premier kid climbing training school in Hong Kong, shares the same mission and vision with its mother company - Just Climb HK as to promote climbing to every children in Hong Kong by its professional and well-structured kid courses!

Kai Tak East Indoor Games Hall
30 Luk Hop St San Po Kong, Hong Kong, China
Height of climbing gym is 6m.

Po Wing Road Sports Centre
19 Pak Wo Road; Sheung Shui, Hong Kong, China
2639 2979
Po Wing Road Sports Centre
An outdoor sport climbing gym with a dimension of 11 m in height and 9 m in width is located at Po Wing Road Sports Centre (Address: 19 Pak Wo Road, Sheung Shui, New Territories). It is a popular training ground for sport climbing lovers in the District.

Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre
290 Nam Cheong St, Hong Kong, China
Height: 15m; width: 15m, 8 Lanes on wall.

Shun Lee Tsuen Park and Leisure Centre
Shun Lee Tsuen Sports Centre; Shun Lee Tsuen Rd; Cha Liu Au, Hong Kong, China
Shun Lee Tsuen Park and Leisure Centre
Height: 12m; width: 14m, 7 Lanes. Opening Hours: 8am-11pm.


High-Five Gym
Room 201-202; No 697 Ling Shi Lu Zhabei Qu, Shanghai, China
Biggest bouldering gym in Shanghai.

Masterhand Climbing Club- Hongkou Football Stadium
444 Dongjiangwan Rd, Shanghai, China
5696 6657


Dong Fang Climbing Gym
2/F; Hai Run Badminton Court; #1105 Nan Shan Avenue; Nan Shan District, Shenzhen, China
0755 26931883
Dong Fang Climbing Gym
Open 2pm - 10pm

Fire-fox climbing bar
FuMin Road, Shenzhen, FuTian district China

This is a bar famous for bouldering and indoor climbing. There are two routes, 15m high, 6m wide.

Taigucheng Old City
Baoneng Plaza; Haiyue, Shenzhen, China

Take Shekou (orange) metro line to Haiyue, exit B. Go down escalators in Baoneng Plaza to -1F, out the back. Top rope climbing, 11m high, about 60~m wide, newly opened in Dec. 2014, so all holds are new, and the walls are nice and sticky


Sichuan Higher-Institution of Cuisine Climbing Centre
Honglin Road; Longquanyi District, Sichuan, 610000 China
The largest climbing center in Southeast China which is catering bouldering and outdoor climbing gym. It include 4 speed climbing gym state in 21m height. All levels offered.


Taipei Medical University Indoor Climbing Gym
No.250. Wu-Xing Street, Taipei, China

Open on 18:00~20:00 daily. Yield the space to the student if there is special activities.


FengMang Climbing Gym
No. 1 Dongmennei Street, Tianjin, 90 meters due south, New World Department Store, Ground floor, Tianjin
Indoor climbing on the ground floor of the mall, the overall trend can be seen from the escalator. There are 4 rope passages, 2 beginner's difficulties. 天津锋芒攀岩,东马路新世界百货内负一层。Opening in 2019.There are not many people in the morning, and there are more children training in the afternoon. You can rent shoes for 10 rmb per pair. Openning from 12am - 21pm(Mon.- Fri.),10AM-21AM(Sat.-Sun.)

Xian Shi

Fire Rock
Zhuque St; Beilin Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710065

Primarily a bouldering gym. Also a top-roping wall near the escalators, which isn't used much (so bring your own harnesses, friction device, and belaying partner). Enter the stadium's outdoor equipment shopping mall at the east side of the stadium (entry F, up a wide staircase by the Nike store) and head down the escalators, then turn left to reach the bouldering gym. Easily accessed from the Tiyuchang (Shaanxi Stadium) metro station exit A (Line 2). 80 yuan (cash, exact change recommended) per session in May 2017. They have a supply of climbing shoes, but not necessarily all (especially large) sizes. Routes/challenges are defined by users rather than colours or markings, and there's good camaraderie among climbers (no language needed). There are also various workout equipments in addition to the bouldering wall. A translation app is recommended for those who don't speak Mandarin. There's wi-fi, with the code on a column near the entrance. Washrooms are on the upper level, to the left from entrance F. (-Ryan Matthews, visiting Xi'an for May 2017 from Montréal, Canada)


Senluo Panyan
Changle Road no.166 Holiday world building 7, xincheng, Xi'an, Shaanxi China
+86 (29) 8866 7755
When you find the building the address points to, the gym is on the 7th floor. There is only one escalator that goes to the 7th floor, so you can't miss it. If you follow the directions to the Cinema, it will walk you by the gym. On the signs at the entrance this gym is listed under it's old name, 火石攀岩 or Fire Rock Climbing, but is under new ownership. There are 3 auto-belay systems and multiple top rope and lead climbing routes. All the top rope/lead climb routes are color coded by holds or taped. Climbing of all skill levels can be found here. Some of the staff speak excellent English. Cost of entry is 60 yuan if you bring your own harness and shoes, or 80 yuan total if you need to rent. The bouldering is good here. Only a few routes are color coded or taped in some way. They have an iPad that they let you use that has pictures displaying various routes.

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