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Alpin Club Bacau
Colegiului National Gheorghe, Bacau, Vranceanu 5500 Romania
Alpin Club Bacau


Natural High
Strada Carpatilor, Brasov, Romania
0746 803 932
Natural High
Sala de Escalada si Bouldering in Brasov - Natural High Climbing Gym.

Sala de sport-Scoala Darste
Calea Bucuresti, Brasov, Romania

O sala mica de aprox 6/7m si un panou de aprox 3/6,5m alcatuit din trei 'felii', fiecare dintre acestea fiind frante la jumatate (cu balamale).


Ecran Club
Sos. Grozavesti 82-84, Bucharest, Bucuresti Romania
(+40) 021 410 70 02

Galactic Indoor Climbing GYM
16a -P-ta Cringasi, Bucharest, Bucuresti Romania
Galactic Indoor Climbing GYM
Suprafata catarabila - cea mai mare structura artificiala de escalada/boulder existenta la ora actuala in Romania - aprox. 327 metri patrati. Pe acesta arie exista 17 manse de catarat (top rope) de cca. 10 metri inaltime, cu dificutati cuprinse intre gradul 3 si 10 - acoperind si cele mai exigente gusturi. Unghiurile descrise de panou sunt de la 90 pana la 120, cel mai mare sector fiind cel vertical - 108 metri patrati.

Plaza No Gravity Zone
Plaza Romania - Bd. Timisoara nr. 26; Sector 6, Bucharest, Bucuresti Romania
0766 440 566
14 m height and over 200 sqm climbing surface. Equipped with a boulder zone.

Sala de sport - Scoala Nr.19
46 Tudor Arghezi Street, Bucharest, Bucuresti Romania
(+40)0740.245.368 / (+40)0766.452.126
Inaltimea salii - 6,5 m; Latimea panoului - 15 m; Suprafata desfasurata (de catarare ascendenta) - 10,5 m in punctele maxime; Suprafata totala de catarare - 120 mp.


Centrala de Escalada
Horia no.8, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Romania
Centrala de Escalada
Centrala de Escalada is a project developted inside an old factory, in the central area of Cluj. With a surface covering 340sqm, it has two boulder areas (150sqm), a cafe and pub, a library with a chill out area, a gym, a gear shop, a room for presentations and projections, loker room, showers and an exhibition area.

Str.berariei nr 6, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Panou de boulder(4m)si escalada de 10m

Skai Urban Crag
Calea Baciului 1-3, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 400230
0742 325 429
Skai Urban Crag
Indoor climbing gym with both boulder and climbing wall. It also offers different activities like yoga on some days of the week. Totaling 500m² of climbing surface it could be named the biggest in Cluj.


Gravity Parck Climbing Gym
Strada Soveja; vis-a-vis Palatul Copiilor, Constanta, Romania
Gravity Parck Climbing Gym
Since 2008 Constanta has a climbing tower and 2 big artificial rocks for bouldering.

Dr. Tr. Severina

ATME Speo - Alpin Mh
Str. Crisa nr. 25, Dr. Tr. Severina, Mehedindi, Romania
ATME Speo - Alpin Mh
Indoor rock climbing gym - Asociatia de turism montan si ecologie Speo-Alpin MH


CUB Indoor Boulder Club
Str. Domneasca nr. 193, Galati, 800357 Romania
CUB Indoor Boulder Club
Panou de boulder (3,5m x 3,5m x 3,5m), aproximativ 50mp. 3 fete verticale; 2 surplombe; 1 tavan

Gilortului Street

Escalada în Ploiesti
No 1B, Gilortului Street, Ploiesti, Prahova Romania
Escalada în Ploiesti
Nici foarte mare, nici foarte inalt, dar cu multe traversari si trasee dificile. In special pentru pasionatii de boulder.

Nr. 23

GeckoClimb - Climbing Gym
Str. Primariei, Nr. 23, Oradea, Bihor 410209 Romania
GeckoClimb - Climbing Gym
Gecko Sports Club invites you to the climbing gym, a sport and eco-friendly project, presenting it as an alternative for spending your free time. We propose you to rediscover together the importance of practicing climbing in your free time, both for physical and mental development. The climbing wall was built according to International standards, having the following characteristics: - net area of the gym: 150 m² - area assigned for climbing: 230 m² - various degrees of steepness, from vertical walls to overhangs of 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 degrees - The gym has over 1,500 holds. - a large variety of climbing modules with a height of: 3.30 and 5.50 m - top ropes + bouldering - the surface of the gym is covered with monobloc crash pad with a thickness ranging from 20 to 30 cm. - toilet and lockers (girls and boys), each having 18 lockers with key - specific training boards - the area designed for children is constantly under supervision by the field staff


Parcul Tineretului, Sibiu, 550406 Romania
Panou destinat in primul initierii tinerilor in tainele escaladei creat multumita casei de cultura a municipiului Sibiu care ne-a pus spatiul la dispozitie. Panoul are 7 metri inaltime si 14 latime iar pentru moment este doar vertical.

Arka Park
Frigoriferului nr.6, Sibiu, Sibiu romania
Arka Park
800 square meters of climbing hall is divided into three areas of activity: Climbing panel, panel bouldering, hiking and zip line.


One Move Boulder Gym
Spl. Nicolae Titulescu - nr. 5, Timisoara, Romania
+40723286850; +40723007563; +40766272768
One Move Boulder Gym
Sala de boulder cu 170m patrati suprafata catzarabila si inaltime maxima de 5m. Bouldering gym: climbing surface 170m2, max height 5m.


climbing gyms
Str. Avram Iancu; nr. 95, Unirea, jud. Alba 517785 Romania

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