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Plezalni center Ljubljana
Pesarska cesta 10; 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenija
+386 (0)68 61 32 10 (Reception)
Plezalni center Ljubljana
Plezalni center Ljubljana is the biggest climbing gym in Slovenia. It has 1280 m2 of climbing surface. There are four walls in the gym. Main wall has 850m2 with max height 17m. There are around 120 routes set by colors grades from 3 to 8c. It has slabs, overhangs, aretes, and 3 cracks. Second wall is 11m tall with 230m2 of climbing surface. It offers grades from 3 to 7a. Routes are especially focused technique learning and kinds climbing. Boulder wall has 180m2 climbing surface and is 4,5m tall. It offers 100 boulder problems of all grades. Warmup and training room have campus and peg board, sloper rail, training bar and weights. There are also small kids wall in this room. Plezalni center Ljubljana has also Grif Bar where you can drink a beer and hang out with other climbers and a climbing shop.


Maribor, Slovenia
Bouldering gym.

Novo Mesto

CityWall Mobile Tower
Ko?tialova 32, Novo Mesto, SI 8000 Slovenia
CityWall Mobile Tower
Rental of CityWall mobile climbing tower on a trailer is an unforgettable adrenaline experience for your event.

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