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Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Derek.

We built it in two stages. My son & I built the first part. But it became quite popular & soon became too small. So we started on the next part. Two kids next door, & my good mate Terrance gave a huge hand with the building. The construction is all wood, nothing complicated, no rocket science. We worked to a basic idea in my head, but chopped & changed as it progressed. It was hard work, especially for me as my day to day work is very office based, but mega-up-size-fun. We sacrificed 5 climbing days in total & quite a few nights.

Garage Climbing Wall #2

East London

Built in a carport. Lots of use and popular with the neighbors.

Blackpool UK, Ig's Shed

The far end of the shed! Bouldering to warm up and then onto the 45 degree systems board. We now have far more holds everywhere! :D

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