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Crash Pads for Climbing and Bouldering

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Crash pads are used with the style of climbing called bouldering. Many climbers prefer bouldering for many reasons. Crash pads are like gymnastics mats but used outdoors for while bouldering. Crash pads help prevent injuries when falling and are important to use for any type of bouldering.

Sections of a crash pad

A crash pad has layered foam on the inside covered with a durable nylon outer cover. Many crash pads have straps to let you clip your shoes and chalk while hiking in, and pockets to put your keys and wallet. You will carry the crash pad to the crag, so it's important to get one that folds in half and has handles or straps for carrying on your back. Many companies offer removable pockets. Some crash pads come with launch pads for sitting starts.

The upper layer is usually about 4 cm thick and is usually a more dense type of foam. The dense upper layer distributes the impact across the pad. The lower layer of foam is softer. It molds to the shape of the rocks below it. Thicker padding and the number and density of the layers within the crash pad correspond to increased protection.

Crash pads protect you while bouldering and give you a sense of security and help you push the limits of your ability. Be sure you climb with a buddy who can act as a spotter while you climb. Although you're relatively close to the ground, the risk of injury is still present.

Climbing and Bouldering Crash Pads for Sale

Skil-Care 5' x 5' Optional Cover for Crash Pad

Buy at
Keep your Crash Pad clean with this nylon cover. Easy to slip on and off, you can toss it in the washing machine to keep pad clean and germ free.

Crash Pads 2200 Padded Under Pant

Buy at
The 2200 Padded Under Pant offers moderate protection for snowboarding and skiing. These padded pants have a thermal material that makes the 2200s do two things: keep you warm, and keep you protected. Product ID: 137400, Christmas Delivery: This is a Special Order item and is not guaranteed for Christmas...

Mad Rock Mad Pad Crash Pad

Buy at
Mad Rock made its Mad Pad Crash Pad with a cushy five inches of foam padding to boost your confidence as you top out the mantle on your problem. Closed-cell foam on the top of the Mad Pad disperses the force of your fall into the open-cell foam on the bottom. This Mad Rock crash pad converts into an...

Evolv Iceman Crash Pad

Buy at
Evolv's Iceman Crash Pad is a smaller version of theMaverick, which makes it the perfect size for shorter boulder problems byitself or, grouped with the Maverick, a great combination for high-ballers. Itsdual-density foam combined with a continuous 1 inch layer prevents thismedium-sized crash pad...

Metolius Session Crash Pad

Buy at
FEATURES of the Metolius Session Crash Pad Flap-closure-system with stash pocket keeps your gear secure Burly outer fabrics and carpeted cross-clipper logo keeps shoes clean 4" sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption and angled hinge eliminates the gutter Aluminum buckles - guaranteed...

Metolius Session Crash Pad

Buy at
Cushion your falls while working on a tough boulder problem with the Metolius Session Crash Pad. Weighing in at 9 lbs., the Session is lighter than many pads, making it easier to hike with.

Mad Rock Mad Pad

Buy at
The crash pad of choice for climbers worldwide who don't want to sacrifice financial security on the next send. The Mad Pad is a plush five inch thick combination of open and closed cell foam for firm but comfortable drops. Backpack straps make a breeze to tote in. EZ attachment straps connect securely...

Evolv Maverick Crash Pad

Buy at
Evolv's Maverick Crash Pad has your back while you fly offhigh-baller problems. Its large landing zone is Evolv's biggest yet, ensuringyou get all pad and no rocks if you fall. The gusseted closure systemeliminates dead spots when the pad is open, and the rubberized corners keep thepad from...

Metolius Boss Hog Crash Pad

Buy at
The Metolius Boss Hog Crash Pad uses a unique combination of open- and closed-cell foam to provide optimal padding whether you're working a sit start or lobbing off a highball. Metolius placed an inch of closed-cell foam on the top to distribute forces for big falls, and then added a half inch to...

Skil-Care 5' x 5' Crash Pad

Buy at
This foam filled pad is 5' x 5'. It is sturdy enough for jumping on and soft enough for sitting and relaxing. This New Crash Mat helps your child's vestibular and proprioceptive senses. They can play or relax on this mat. It's filled with cushy foam! It is sturdy enough for jumping...

Skil-Care 5' x 5' Crash Pad with Machine Washable Cover for Crash Pad

Buy at
5' x 5' Crash Pad with Machine Washable Cover Great indoor fun for the entire family. Great for sensory stimulation or just stretching out. Can be used for extreme physical activity and play. Can also be used to rest & relax. NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT GERMS, DIRT, PET HAIR OR FOOD SPILLS. REMOVABLE...

Crash Pad - Large 5' X 5' with Extra Washable Removable Cover - New (A $49.95 Value) Special Pricing!

Buy at
NEW ITEM. EASY REMOVABLE MACHINE WASHABLE COVER WITH ZIPPER. NO MORE WORRY ABOUT For jumping, tumbling or just lounging around: Crash Pad is pure fun. Ideal for sensory stimulation or balance activities or just having fun playing and bouncing. Durable construction stands up to jumping and the ample foam...

Metolius Recon Crash Pad

Buy at
The Metolius Recon crash pad provides 5.5 sq. ft. more landing area than most standard-size pads while maintaining a narrow profile when folded for easy carrying to your favorite bouldering spot.

Metolius Magnum Crash Pad

Buy at
The Metolius Magnum Crash Pad lives up to its name with a giant 6 ft. x 4 ft. spread that will cushion your falls while you work a boulder problem.

Metolius Magnum Crash Pad

Buy at
FEATURES of the Metolius Magnum Crash Pad Burly new fabrics for maximum durability and new cross-clipper-logo rug for cleaning shoes Massive 4 x 6' (1.2 x 1.8 m) tri-fold design and increased (4" / 100 mm) foam New sandwich foam design for maximum Impact Absorption: (1" / 25 mm) closed-cell...

Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Buy at
Ankles sure come in handy when you're working an elusive boulder problem, which is why the Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad protects your valuable climbing assets with ferocious dedication and recycled foam. This eco-conscious pad makes an excellent second pad for complicated landings, so you can keep that...

Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad

Buy at
The Triple Mad Pad is Mad Rock's largest crash pad so climbers don't miss the pad when they flail off boulders. Open and closed foams offer a cushy yet firm catch that lasts for seasons, and shoulder straps get this pad to and from faraway boulders without a problem. Convert the pad into a...
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