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Climbing ropes are made to absorb the force of a fall. To absorb the force of a fall, ropes must stretch. The ability of a climbing rope to stretch is called the dynamic quality. Climbing ropes stretch under impact force, but should remain static under a load. The Union Internationale Des Association D'Apinisme (UIAA) provides a testing standard for climbing ropes. To pass the minimum requirements, ropes must not break after 5 test falls with 12 kN impact force. Ropes are made to conform to specifications. Climbing rope test specifications are listed below.

Climbing Rope Testing.  Indicates the type of test performed. There are two types of tests: “single” or “half”.

  1. The "half rope" test is performed using 2.5 meters of climbing rope. A 55 kilogram weight is attached to the rope. The object is dropped 4.8 meters.
  2. The "single rope" test is performed using 2.5 meters of climbing rope. An 80 kilogram object is attached to the rope. The weight is dropped 4.8 meters.

Impact Force.  This is the amount of force a climbing rope is able to absorb. high numbers indicate more force is transferred to the climber. Low numbers indicate better performance. The highest acceptable impact force is 8 kN for the half rope test and 12 kN for a single rope test.

Elongation.  This defines the dynamic qualities of the climbing rope. Elongation is the length a climbing rope will stretch. It is expressed as a percentage. The test is performed by attaching an 80 kilogram object to the rope. The rope’s length is measured with the object attached. The maximum elongation for single ropes is 8%. The maximum elongation for half ropes is 10%.

Number of Falls.  This test is performed by attaching an 80 kilogram object to a climbing rope. The rope is 2.8 meters long. The object is dropped 5 meters. This test is repeated until the climbing rope breaks. Ropes must survive 5 falls to pass the test.

Usage.  The type of climbing. Different types of climbing require different characteristics in the rope.

Weight per meter.  Weight in grams for a meter of climbing rope.

Center Marked.  This is listed as “yes” or “no”. Some climbing ropes mark the center.

Length.  Measured in meters.

Thickness.  Measured in millimeters.

Water Resistance.  characteristics of a climbing rope to repel water.

Care of Your Climbing Rope

BlueWater PreCut Accessory Cord

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BlueWater designed the Cordelette 7 mm cord with less stretch and higher strength than a traditional accessory cord.

Fusion Titan Figure 8 Descender, Black, Large

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This large figure-8 style descender is an ideal choice because is allows for smooth rope action while descending or belaying. It is light-weight yet strong.

Paracord 850 Lb. 100ft (Black) Mold, Mildew, and UV Resistant. Average Test Strength @ 855.8 Made in the USA By a Certified Military Contractor.

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This is a certified 850 pound test Paracord. Made by a Certified Military Contractor for all US Armed forces since 1943. This Contractor also offers MIL-SPECS: MIL-C-5040G, MIL-C-7515F, MIL-C-43256, MIL-C-43307, MIL-R-24677. Please see our other 550 paracord and 750 paracord.

Sturdy Indoor/Outdoor Rope Ladder, Maple-wood - Natural Wood- 6'L

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Kids can scale the side of a castle, mountain, or ship with this ladder (and their imaginations). Made with smooth-sanded maple-wood rungs and sturdy rope, our 6 ft. rope ladder can be hung indoors or out (above a soft surface only). Features a loop end so you don't need hardware to hang. Holds...

Triple-Wide Climbing Rope Ladder, Maple-wood - Natural Wood- 6'H x 36"W

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With not one but three sturdy ladders to climb and conquer, kids can now climb up, across, and diagonally with this Triple-Wide Climbing Rope Ladder. A great outdoor activity for kids, it's sure to be a well-used apparatus whether it's in the backyard or the playroom. Crafted with smoothly...

EDELWEISS Discover 8mm x 30m Super Dry Glacier Rope

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The Edelweiss Discover 8mm x 30m Super Dry Glacier Rope is a shorter length twin rope designed for mountain walking, glacier travel and use during emergencies.

Beal Wall Master Unicore Standard Climbing Rope - 10.5mm

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Beal specifically designed the 10. 5mm Wall Master Unicore Standard Climbing Rope to withstand the repeated belays, falls, and epic top-roping sessions associated with climbing gyms. The advanced Unicore construction process bonds the sheath to the core to eliminate sheath-slipping and provide enhanced...

9.5 Infinity Classic Climbing Rope

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The Mammut Infininity Classic 9.5 mm Rope is a sport climbing rope with a small diameter and correspondingly light weight. The 9.5 Infinity Classic features the expected Mammut quality at an attractive price, for flexible handling and top performance in the climbing gym or out on natural rock.

9.8 Eternity Classic Climbing Rope

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The new Mammut Eternity Classic 9.8 mm Rope offers balanced properties with regard to low weight, perfect handling and sustained durability. The 9.8 Eternity Classic is therefore perfectly suited as an all-around rope for sports climbing in climbing gyms or rock climbing parks.

Edelrid Ibex 10mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope

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The Edelrid Ibex 10mm x 60m non-dry rope offers great handling and durability at an excellent value. Whether you're a beginner climber or a seasoned pro, the Ibex is an excellent choice.

10.0 Galaxy Classic Climbing Rope

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Abrasion resistant and durable single rope for the most demanding requirements! All-around climbers will find the 10.0 Galaxy to be a reliable companion for a variety of vertical activities.

10.2 Gravity Classic Climbing Rope

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Extremely robust single rope with high safety margins! With a diameter of 10.2 mm, the 10.2 Gravity offers a high fall rating and great durability.

Edelrid Boa DuoTec Bi-Color 9.8mm x 60m Non-Dry Rope

Buy at
Head to the crag for a day of sport or trad climbing with the Edelrid Boa DuoTec 9.8mm x 60m non-dry climbing rope. It's light enough for long approaches and has a supple feel for great handling.

Beal Joker Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope - 9.1mm

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Thanks to its skinny 9. 1 diameter, low weight, and advanced dry treatments, the Beal Joker Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope is as equally suited to difficult sport routes as it is to soaking-wet alpine excursions. The Unicore construction eliminates sheath slippage, and the Dry Cover sheath treatment...

Beal Tiger Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope - 10mm

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The 10mm Beal Tiger Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope is a textbook example of a true all-around performance cord. The 10mm diameter is easy to clip and is ideal for auto-locking belay devices, making it perfect for sessions at the sport crag or climbing gym. Not only is it great in the summer months,...

Beal Top Gun II Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope - 10.5mm

Buy at
If you're new to climbing, trusting your life to what looks to you like a shoelace-thin rope can be a bit unnerving. Tie in with the Beal Top Gun II Unicore Dry Cover Climbing Rope for a confidence-inspiring 10. 5mm diameter and a record-setting UI 11 fall rating. Whether it's your first lead,...

New England Alex Honnold Signature Bi-Pattern Glider 9.9mm x 70m Dry Rope

Buy at
The Alex Honnold Signature Bi-Pattern Glider 9.9mm x 70m Dry Rope is a durable, light line with the supple feel New England Ropes are known for, making it great for cragging and alpine rock climbing.

Roca Kalimnos 9.9mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

Buy at
One of the lightest and most effective ropes on the market. It is ideal for extreme sport climbing. Easy to handle and clip carabiners to. Excellent shock absorbency properties. HARD CHOC System included. The new rope from ROCA in 9.9 mm is designed for sport climbing routes. Combines lightness, durability...

Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity Climbing Rope

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FEATURES of the Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Rope Chris Sharma's go-to when working tough routes Great for sport, trad, steep ice, and hard mixed routes Silky smooth sheath withstands abrasion Perfect for both novice climbers and experienced athletes SPECIFICATIONS of the Sterling Rope...
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