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Books About Climbing Training

Read and expand your knowledge base with books from a variety of authors. Learn new techniques with diagrams and photographs for all kinds of climbing from bouldering to big wall.

Building Your Own Climbing WallBuilding Your Own Climbing Wall Packed with information, tricks, and essential information to plan and construct your own indoor or outdoor climbing wall. Includes very clear step by step sequences, many color illustrated examples, equipment and tool lists, making your own holds, maintenance and safety. This book helps you define they type of home climbing wall you need to meet your climbing goals, or improve the type of outdoor climbing you are doing. Then, walks you through color illustrated steps to design, plan and build your wall.
Learning to Climb IndoorsLearning to Climb Indoors Indoor climbing presents challenges and rewards in a very unique way compared to other sports. Each route is an opportunity for self-development, problem solving, positive thinking, mental control. Climbing challenges the body in a way no other sport can match, in terms of flexibility, stamina, control. This book is an essential handbook for every beginner, Learning to Climb Indoors is the most complete book available on indoor climbing.
TopropingToproping This book offers many color pictures and great information. It includes essential information novice climbers need to know. knots tying, basic and advanced anchoring, belay techniques, and lowering climbers from fixed anchors. Many complex toproping situations are presented and illustrated with full color photos.
Better Bouldering, 2ndBetter Bouldering, 2nd Author John Sherman offers his bouldering techniques and tricks from his thirty-six-year bouldering career. In this book, the author gives us the current trends in techniques, equipment, and injury treatment. Read his interesting stories, get insights and glean knowledge from this accomplished American bouldering guru.
Knots for ClimbersKnots for Climbers This is an illustrated book providing sequences and examples for tying climbing knots. It covers all the common knots plus many other knots. The presentation uses clear color photos making it easy to understand and learn. Some of the knots are the Munter hitch, auto block, clove hitch, and figure eight. See them in use in the field along with how they are used with climbing equipment.
How to Rock Climb!How to Rock Climb! This excellent guide gives the new climber an introduction and helps intermediate climbers improve their knowledge and skill. Packed with over 400 color photographs and illustrations you will see the most modern equipment, technique, and training methods. Written in a clear, concise, and entertaining style, the fundamentals through the most intricate modern techniques are clearly explained.
Maximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal ExperienceMaximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal Experience Learn how the mind and psychological factors influence climbing performance. This book explores the mental aspect of high level climbing, stating that people climbing with their minds-- that the hands and feet are merely extensions of their thoughts and will. Understanding gleaned from this book will prove invaluable in any type or aspect of the sport of climbing.
Crack Climbing!Crack Climbing! Excellent use of photos, illustrations and written text convey the techniques involved in crack climbing. If you are a sport climber, this book will help you make the transition to trad. Learn the jamming techniques used by trad climbers. How to safely lead cracks and how to place protection. Gain control and efficiency of movement and conserve and recover strength.
Training for Climbing, 2ndTraining for Climbing, 2nd Offers a valuable information for climbers wanting to improve, from mental exercises to injury prevention and nutrition. This book is a valuable read for climbers wanting to boost their performance up a notch.
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